Most extensive events in March 2024

5 Mar 2024


March is among the pivotal months for diverse industries. This is due to the month often representing the beginning of spring and, thus, is one of the central periods for various segments, such as beauty and HoReCa. Thus, it is a month that can aid them in completing diverse business goals and preparing for the more intense seasons, such as summer and autumn. This includes expanding their business networks, showcasing their latest innovations and learning about the newest trends. There are several means of completing such goals during March. Among them is attending some of the most extensive events in March 2024. These include the following:


Light+Building, alternatively Light and Building Frankfurt, is among the most extensive events to take place in March 2024. It is among the leading trade expos of the illumination and intelligent building design sector. It is similarly a pivotal event for other building, construction, architectural, real estate, furniture, security, DIY, and wholesale segments. This includes ones related to building engineering, furniture, electrical systems, security technology, facility management, et cetera. This is due to the trade expo presenting the latest industry inclinations, novel solutions and state of affairs. It occurs once every two years in Messe Frankfurt, during which it attracts a highly extensive and diverse international audience. For example, one iteration featured more than 220 000 visitants and over 2 700 exhibiting firms. 70% of the exhibiting and 52% of the visiting group are from abroad, with 77% of the participating being executives and 59% being return attendants. This includes notable and extensive corporations that exhibit at the event, such as:

  • ABB AG;
  • Acolyte;
  • BASF;
  • Baelux Co, Ltd;
  • Beckhoff Automation GmbH;
  • Blaupunkt Lighting Europe;
  • Bosch;
  • Covestro Deutschland AG;
  • DEKRA;
  • DKC Europe;
  • EAE Group;
  • EFEN GmbH;
  • Fraunhofer Institut;
  • Gammacril;
  • GEWISS Group;
  • Holophane Europe Ltd;
  • Honeywell;
  • Interra;
  • Lanxess;
  • MAHLE;
  • Microsoft;
  • Nichia Corporation;
  • Nordic Semiconductor;
  • Panasonic;
  • Raycap GmbH;
  • Roger Pradier;
  • SAAS Instruments;
  • Samsung;
  • Salvi Lighting;
  • Schneider Electric;
  • Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd;
  • Siemens AG;
  • SIMON;
  • synavision GmbH;
  • Synopsys GmbH;
  • Theben AG;
  • TUV Rheinland AG;
  • Wintop Group;
  • Zennio;
  • Zumtobel Group AG.

Picture: Light+Building


ITB Berlin or the Internationale Tourismusborse Berlin is among the most extensive trade expositions to take place in March 2024 as well. It is one of the leading, pivotal and highly comprehensive trade expos for the tourism, HoReCa, transport, aviation, media and incentive travel sectors. This is because the annual trade event, which was founded in 1966, serves as one of the central B2B platforms of the segments. This is because it presents the newest popular destinations, products, and services related to the sectors. It includes more than 180 travel locations, as well as various hospitality packages, holiday properties, market-driving forces, novel solutions, and business opportunities. It allows the related industries to prepare for the upcoming tourist season by completing varying business goals such as networking, expanding specialist knowledge, et cetera. This results in more than 160 000 visitants and around 10 000 exhibiting firms attending the events’ diverse iterations. This includes leading companies, such as:

  • Accor Hotels;
  • Aegean Airlines;
  • Centara Hotels & Resorts;
  • Concorde Hotels & Resorts;
  • Deutsche Bahn AG:
  • DoubleTree by Hilton;
  • Expedia Group;
  • Grand Hyatt Hotels;
  • Hilton Worldwide;
  • Hyatt Regency;
  • InterContinental;
  • IHG Hotels and Resorts;
  • Lufthansa Group;
  • Marriott International;
  • Mastercard;
  • MEININGER Hotels;
  • MPM Hotels Ltd;
  • Nippon Travel Agency. Co., Ltd:
  • Qantas Airways;
  • Qatar Airways;
  • Radisson Blu Hotels;
  • Savoy Group;
  • Sheraton Hotels;
  • The Ritz-Carlton.

Picture: © Messe Berlin GmbH


Alimentaria, or Alimentaria Barcelona, is among the central and most extensive events to take place in March 2024. This is due to the trade expo being one of the leading and pivotal biannual events for diverse industries. Examples include the food & beverage, retail, agriculture, HoReCa, commerce, import, export, distribution, wholesale, packaging, and oenology sectors. This is due to the trade exposition presenting the newest product premieres, market trends, solutions to challenges, mega-trends, and innovation opportunities. This is done through diverse sub-events such as demonstrations, workshops, competitions, lectures, et cetera. These are presented in one or more of the four fundamental aspects: innovation, specialisation, gastronomy, and internalisation. As a result, Alimentaria Barcelona often attracts more than 144 000 participants from over 150 nations. These vary from industry associations to international large-scale distributors. This includes decision-makers from leading corporations such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Mokate, Loyd, and Nestle.

Picture: Alimentaria

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is similarly one of the leading and most extensive events to take place in March 2024. This is because the trade expo is one of the primary and pivotal events for the beauty and cosmetics industries. It is similarly a vital trade exposition for the hospitality, wholesale, import, export, packaging, retail, distribution, transportation, and merchandising sectors. This is because the event displays the latest innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions related to beauty, cosmetics and the related segments. This is done through the various sub-events that compromise the three sub-expositions. It results in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna often featuring more than 250 000 attendants. They comprise manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, merchandisers, retailers, professional operators, et cetera. This includes representatives of leading brands and companies, such as:

  • ACME Ltd;
  • Accentra;
  • Anubis Cosmetics Group;
  • Beautycare Brazil;
  • Faber-Castell Cosmetics;
  • Heiniger AG;
  • Koeco;
  • La Rive S.A;
  • Luxess GmbH;
  • Poland Cosmetics;
  • Panasonic Italia;
  • Septona SA;
  • #WOW!;
  • Aura;
  • B.U;
  • Brevia;
  • Billie Eilish;
  • Carroten;
  • Christian Dior.

Picture: Alessandro Roversi