MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 – An Intricate Exhibition Profile

21 Jul 2017

It’s time to give you another detailed introduction to a major event and give you advice on the proper way to maximize the benefits from your attendance. This mostly concerns how you go about planning your hotel accommodation. Go Fair ltd is a strong supporter of business travel as a means to grow your brand and succeed in business. We want to educate on successful ways to approach your business travel. This concerns mainly how you chose where to stay and also when you do this crucial step. Your choice in a hotel might seem of secondary importance, but it plays a far bigger role than you’d think in how you perform.

This week’s event is MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018, a key international exhibition for the mobile communication technologies industry.
The event is taking this place in Barcelona, Spain and is going to last for four days. February 26th marks the grand opening and there will be a closing ceremony on March 1st. This gives you the main information you’re going to use for your accommodation – the time and the place. As of writing this article, the dates for the exhibition are far way still (this is good and it’s to your advantage).

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 has a forward-thinking nature and rightfully so as the technology of today outpaces our ability to fully integrate it in society. This creates rich fields of opportunity for businesses and it’s why you see more than 2000 exhibitors estimated to be a part of the program. However, the biggest indicator of how influential this even is lies in how many people attend – 93,000 industry insiders. An incredible number, which makes the need to book your hotel early. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 is the biggest event to come to Barcelona in February and that’s saying something.

Let’s see where the appeal lays. Apart from the purely business aspects – networking, product sales, researching competitors, strengthening partnerships – there’s a real commitment to finding out what’s next on the horizon. The NEXTech Pavilion puts the limelight on companies that are elevating VR/AR, Robotic and Artificial Intelligent technologies. The NEXTech Lab has an impressive roster of industry experts that will educate on their findings and breakthroughs in an open theatre. Then there’s the Drone Zone – a busy section buzzing with the potential of drone technology. Witness cutting-edge products at the GSMA Innovation City or expand your knowledge on one of the many MWC Tours.

As you can see, this is a serious exhibition and a chance to put your business on the map. Of course, this depends on the type of product and service you are going to demonstrate there, but it starts with your travel arrangements. Where you stay can determine a lot of things – how much you’re going to spend overall on the trip and how much of that is going to go for hotel fare, how you’re going to commute and how long that is going to take, and who you’re going to be surrounded by.

At first, these questions might sound like small concerns, but they determine how you’re going to perform at MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 once you land.
Go Fair ltd gives you some pointers.

Start Early: July gives you plenty of freedom to act in choosing where you want to stay since most exhibitors and visitors won’t have made their reservations. (Business travellers tends to let things for the last moment). This gives you flexibility in planning and better early booking prices. Tell us your ideal budget and Go Fair ltd is going to cut down your hotel costs in a major way. This is money saved that you can later invest in your booth and presentations.
Location: Ideally, you’ll want to stay in a hotel that you can reach on foot. This is going to be the first instinct for everyone, which means that in the end, you’re going to be surrounded by potential clients and business partners. This is easy socializing and networking that comes from having to share the same breakfast room, lobby and elevators. An added bonus is that it doesn’t take you a lot of time to reach the exhibition centre and you save on paying for buses or the underground.
Public Transportation: Barcelona has a remarkable infrastructure, which means that even if your hotel isn’t directly next to it, you still have an efficient way to reach it. You might want to consider this choice if the properties closer to the event are more expensive (they usually tend to be, but that’s normal) and you want to keep costs down.
Once you know why you’re booking the hotel you’re booking, it’s going to be easy to profit from your visit to MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2018 at significantly lower costs, effort on your part and time. If you want your planning to be even easier, then leave it all to Go Fair ltd.