MEDICA 2016 Shows You the Future of the Medical Industry

19 Apr 2016

Glimpse the future of the medical industry in relation to patients in the age of the digital with a visit to MEDICA 2016 – the premier trade fair in the world dedicated to advancements and breakthroughs in the field of medicine. Dusseldorf prepares itself for the expected audience of 130,000 industry insiders coming to see the latest in medical technology and equipment from over 5000 exhibitors from all around the globe. The dates have been set and the program kicks off on November 14th and concludes on November 17th.

Participate in the Rich International Discussion
You’ll find MEDICA 2016 an international stage where you have a rich mix of professionals networking and shaping the global feature of healthcare and medical care. Remain relevant in your niche with a visit and network with experts from hospitals, practices and laboratories. Right now, the industry has become more welcoming of international voices and you have a higher chance to be noticed, heard and form lasting professional ties, which will help you in the long run as you grow. At the same time, you’re staying up to date with the latest practices and discoveries in the field.

Digitalization Is the Talk of the Town
There’s no denying technology changes the world and it can be harnessed to better the care offered to patients. The current focus will fall on digitalization and the gradual introduction of wearable technology in assisting medical professionals. MEDICA 2016 prepares shows that display future tech for all to see while MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM has prepared an informative program that discusses future solutions and tackles the most pressing issues of the day.

Now It’s Time to Consider Your Accommodation
If you’re attending, then you need to do it under the best possible conditions and you’ll find it crucial to look for hotels as early as possible. After all, over 130,000 individuals will be doing the same, which means the hotels closest to the event will up fast and rooms prices will spike a lot faster in the months leading up to the event. Go Fair ltd helps you stay within your ideal budget with daily hotel booking discounts and will do everything possible to secure you a hotel with an excellent location.