MAISON & OBJET 2016 Is the Birthplace of Style, Elegance and Beauty

31 May 2016

MAISON & OBJET 2016 has been a staple in Paris, France as the exhibition dedicated to the beautiful design trends across countless product categories that impact human life. It’s been a true success, having gained a spinoff in both Asia and the Americas. This year, the event is set to open in the beginning of autumn with September 2nd selected as the grand opening. For five days until September 6th, you’ll have the opportunity to survey the collections brought to life by countless exhibitors from all over the world. It’s a place to come seek an audience!

A Complex Curation of Personal Works of Art
The product categories featured in MAISON & OBJET 2016 are consumer goods, but they’re also meant to improve the quality of life. The exhibition space is overwhelming but thankfully there are clearly distinguished areas within where specialized business travellers can focus on. MAISON is home to interior decoration solutions and aesthetics. OBJET serves as a so-called concept store and remains a go-to spot for retailers, while LUXURY, DESIGN & INTERIOR DECORATION brings out the crown jewels – the finest pieces, precious metals, rich fabrics and unrivalled quality.

Appreciate Beauty and Navigate Trends
MAISON & OBJET 2016 has been known as a trendsetter within industry circles and it’s easy to see why. The sheer magnitude in terms of participation, attendance and coverage is enough to make the successes in each iteration, a global success. We recommend this event for those brands who know they’ve made a statement and want the whole world to see them deliver it. It’s also a playground to see the world’s cultures updated, intermingled and changed!

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