Lay the Foundations of a Cleaner Ecology at E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER 2018

17 Oct 2017

Essen, Germany prepares for the upcoming edition of E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER 2018 – a long-standing, highly anticipated international exhibition, which tackles the current most pressing challenges concerning energy saving and wastewater management. The program is set for the three days between February 6th and February 8th. Here is a brief breakdown of the numbers. Exhibitors are expected to reach over 640 companies, while the audience numbers a bit under 24,000 trade visitors, which represent the entire value chain. The event serves as a part sounding board, part stage to demonstrate the newest technological innovations and part meeting place for the most influential players and delegates to form lasting partnerships.

A Wealth of Technologies at E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER 2018
E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER 2018 is known as the exhibition, where the cutting-edge of innovations and technological advancements are shared across the entire spectrum. You’ve energy generation, distribution, storage, retail and efficiency, where a heavy focus falls on the ways to diversify energy production and green technologies. Decentralised facilities and smart energy services are on the rise as well. All you have to do is head on over to “E-world meets Start-ups” to see the future being made.

Attend the Informed Dedicated Support Program
Outside the purely business aspects, E-WORLD ENERGY & WATER 2018 is where boldest of ideas come to the surface. First and most visited is the Congress program, which invites the brightest and most influential names in the field to shape the industry. In addition, you have the more tightly specialized events such as the Smart Tech Forum, Energy Transition Forum and the Innovation Forum. All these are must-see events that broaden your technical knowledge and prepare you for upcoming changes in your field.

Take Steps to Plan Your Business Trip
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