KIND + JUGEND 2018: The Definitive Trade Fair for Children Sector

28 Nov 2017

One trade fair brings together the latest trends and tastes in all children sectors and that is KIND + JUGEND 2018. This international trade fair covers the entire spectrum of possible products that target children (toys, baby health and care, literature, prams) and mothers (maternity clothes and accessories). Coming to Cologne, Germany is going to be well above 1200 exhibitors and the attendance rate sits at somewhere around 22,500 visitors in total. That’s a large, dedicated audience ready to make commitments – a perfect opportunity to turn a new product’s launch in a bona fide sensation. Here is why this trade fair is so beloved and commercially important!

KIND + JUGEND 2018 Covers the Entire Product Spectrum
What we have been saying is that you can see the latest designs and innovations along the lines of every available product group – baby & children’s toys & games, carrier systems, car seats, furniture, safety products, shoes, health and care for mother and child, kindergarten supplies, maternity wear, magazines, books, buggies, outdoor toys and textiles for children and babies. You have a full overview of the changing attitudes and standards for design and manufacturing along with access to your direct competition and potential buyers.

Innovation is Key to Success – A Sophisticated Support Program
Yes, business goals are integral to the trade fair, but there’s much more happening. If you are looking to get educated on current trends, seek insights into how to stay relevant and anticipate upcoming challenges, the Trend Forum is where you go. You’ll receive in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the industry as it’s changing. The other highlight is the Connected Kidsroom – a bold new event that focuses on special digital and smart products.

Don’t Wait Any Longer: Book Your Stand & Your Hotel
KIND + JUGEND 2018 is not an opportunity you can miss and in order to win big, there’s the first and most important thing to do – book the right hotel. Go Fair ltd provides you with a lot of choices when it comes to hotels. All you have to do is give us a budget estimate and how many rooms you need. Nothing simpler!