Kick Your Business into High Gear at EUROBIKE 2016

22 Mar 2016

Cyclists, nature enthusiasts and speed devils are all gearing up to attend EUROBIKE 2016 – the trade fair dedicated to the bicycle manufacturing industry. Held in Friedrichshafen, the event has been scheduled for sunny late August, which is the perfect weather to put to the test the latest bike designs and accessories. Have you marked the period August 31st – September 4th in your calendar? If not, allows us to break down the benefits of attending.

You Reach a Big Market and Have a Choice
EUROBIKE 2016 has always been a big event. Numbers reveal close to 1,350 exhibitors and over 45,000 trade and general visitors are to make their way to Friedrichshafen – a significant audience, which can be quite beneficial to your visibility on the international markets. At the same time, you’re not obliged to stay for the whole event, in case you worry about finances. This is the first year where EUROBIKE 2016 breaks the event into three business days only and then two festival days. You have a choice to book the event for either the whole run or just the three days.

But Why Not Stay for the Festival?
Bike culture is nothing without the adrenaline and those two festival days are going to be filled with exciting events and enthusiasts. At the same time, you have the wonderful business opportunity to participate in the Eurobike Demo Day, which is held directly before the event itself and allows manufacturers to test out and present their newest bikes and accessories for the upcoming season to great media attention.

Go Fair ltd Takes Charge of Your Entire Business Trip
EUROBIKE 2016 is going to be a wild ride and you need all remaining time and resources to plan your attendance and personal program. Don’t waste days searching for hotels when you have Go Fair ltd to take care of your travel arrangements in one swift service. Specify your price range and we’ll present you custom-tailored deals that exceed your expectations, whether you prefer to be in the immediate vicinity of the trade fair or in a quaint location on the outskirts.