Kick into High Gear at OUTDOOR 2016 – A Celebration of Outdoors and Sports

5 Apr 2016

OUTDOOR 2016 prepares its new and improved program, which guarantees exhibitors and visitors will have the best possible conditions to find what they’re looking for, do business and learn faster of the most innovative products and equipment in the outdoor sector. The event is gearing up to launch in Friedrichshafen, Germany in July for the stellar weather and organizers expect over 940 exhibitors and 21,000 industry insiders to attend the four-day event between July 13th and July 16th.

Discover the Most Innovative Products at the outdoor industry Award
OutDoor Industry Award has been the staple for the OUTDOOR series and this year, it’s been revamped to better accommodate the volume of products presented each year and distinguish the most innovative designs objectively. A short list for the award will be assembled before the judging commences and this year, the panel will consist of a dozen international experts that judge not only design but practicality and innovation. If you’re debuting a cutting-edge tool or piece of equipment, participating here gives you an honest assessment of your success and boosts your popularity.

Reach a New Audience, Make Direct Sales and Build a Reputation
OUTDOOR 2016 has always been a marketplace where you not only meet with colleagues to exchange experience and current clients to strengthen your contacts, but seek out new clients and enjoy a spike in direct sales. Securing a booth here ensures you have the potential to break into new markets in over 85 countries. Not to mention, you also have an unprecedented opportunity to research what your competition is going and remain current in the eyes of the buyers and distributors.

Secure Your Hotel Booking as Soon as Possible
July approaches fast, so don’t lose any time when it comes to arranging your travel plans. A key component to a business trip is nailing the right hotel booking. You need not only a good price, but also a superior location either close to the exhibition grounds or close to a bus or an underground line that takes you to the grounds fast. You can count on Go Fair ltd to find you the most appropriate accommodation best suited to your budget!