ISPO MUNICH 2017 Brings on Adrenaline and Innovation in the Sportswear Sector

12 Jul 2016

Strategically divided into 16 halls, ISPO MUNICH 2017 informs visitors about the latest trends in sportswear and equipment, displays only high-end products and takes a long, hard look at the challenges facing the industry today. The international exhibition has established itself as a crucial event for the industry, gathering thousands of manufacturers, distributors, sellers and tastemakers to shape the sector’s future. You have the privilege to attend the event in Munich, Germany between February 5th and February 8th. If you’re any shape or form connected to the sector, you should circle ISPO MUNICH 2017 on your calendar as a must-see event!

ISPO ACADEMY – More Than Just a Place to Network
Each ISPO exhibition taking place around the world boasts an ISPO ACADEMY Conference adjacent to chaotic product display portion. It’s here where you have access to real power and invaluable information. ISPO ACADEMY consists of seminars, workshops and panels that look at the business aspects and challenges. Here you learn in a great deal where the industry is heading, what you can expect and how you can benefit from it financially. Attending is one of the best strategic moves for your company’s long-term development.

ISPO MUNICH 2017 Is Home to Innovation
First and foremost, ISPO MUNICH 2017 serves to make direct sales and generate sales leads. Competition is good because it pushes companies to display only their very best products and this is how innovations are born. Everywhere you look from the health and fitness areas to the specialist textiles and surfing and snowboarding equipment areas, you’ll see only high-end, cutting-edge designs and materials.

Secure Your Success at ISPO MUNICH 2017 with the Right Accommodation
It’s not enough to make your way to an event to leave an impression. You have to think one step ahead and plan your hotel accommodation so you’re surrounded by peers and potential clients at all times. Go Fair ltd can help you achieve this goal and do so according to your budget. Spend only as much as you want for your hotel rooms for ISPO MUNICH 2017 only now. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us what you need.