Interzum Wins Over Exhibitors with These 12 Advantages

9 Jun 2022

Cologne, Germany is home to one of the most important European interior design fairs - interzum. The international event tracks down and analyses trends in the furniture manufacturing industry as its focus mainly lies in the production supply chain.

We best see this in the broad product spectrum on display – materials and components like bolts, resins, varnishes, body elements, rivets, saws, door elements, upholstery, machinery and others. It’s enough to pull major manufacturers from all over the world. We see this in the concentration of foreign visitors from France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Poland, Switzerland, China, India, South Korea, Canada, Japan and the USA.

All in all, we see a high attendance rate in both visitors and exhibitors. Before the pandemic, you’d exhibit alongside 1800 international exhibitors and find yourself pitching to 69,000 international trade visitors, who attend with the intention to buy. These manufacturers, retailers, and buyers all occupy high positions in their respective companies and have the budgets to make your presence at interzum well worth your whole.

Who can pass up the opportunity to be in the eye of the storm? Be right where major decisions and market trends are made? To have an exhibitor booth at interzum means to have insider knowledge of emerging market niches and tastes. Plus, you can’t deny the opportunities when it comes to making direct sales. Product launches go very well at interzum and exhibitors generally leave the trade fair with lots of orders. It’s well worth the effort to attend year after year. In fact, many of the exhibitors time their production cycles to coincide with interzum to capitalise on the event as a launch pad and a promotional machine.

As an exhibitor, you’re presented with several opportunities to shine bright and attract the right kind of visitor to strike up a conversation and pitch your services to. Perhaps the biggest innovation in this regard has been the introduction of the @home digital offer, which emerged as a necessity during the pandemic. The digital-only edition of the trade fair signalled the dawn of a new era in trade fairs and now organisers have fully embraced the freedom virtual solutions offer. Exhibitors can now augment their physical attendance with an online presence that promotes their brand and opens channels of communication with relevant buyers.

How can you boost your visibility and popularity at interzum? That’s easy. Sign up for a slot at the Speakers Corner area, which is dedicated to companies to present who they are and what they do to a broader audience all at once. Sessions run for 25 minutes – enough time for exhibitors to get their point across and deliver a winning presentation that inspires future purchases.

The Speakers Corner is only one of the many winning side events that take place during interzum. The VDID Industrial Design Day conference explores the farthest possibilities of industrial design and its relation to technological, economic and socio-cultural trends. The event also passes the torch to the next generation of talent, who are well on their way to reimagine industry design as we know it and immerse themselves in the current zeitgeist. VDID has been running for 60 years now and witnessed incredible changes in the profession.

You’ll find a lot of venues to pursue knowledge and exchange expertise with leading experts across a variety of sectors. The three main congresses are not to be missed. The Congress Furnishing Trends examines the broad and specific trends seen in furnishing, while the Congress Disruptive Materials investigates material innovations that will lead to greater industry transformations. The most growing and dynamic of the three is the Congress Digitalization, which is very much in step with the Industry 4.0 processes happening. Digitalization, automation and new consumer attitudes and expectations are the leading subjects.

In 2023, expect for the support programme to expand to feature three trend forums that are very much guided by topics of sustainability. They’re ‘Materials & Nature’ (innovative and pioneering materials), ‘Function & Components’ (trends in fittings and lighting) and ‘Textile & Machinery’ (trends in the textile industry and mattress production).

As you can see, interzum supports your business, boosts sales and does its best to educate and help you foster the right kind of partnerships.