Interzoo 2022–Successful Restart With High Internationality and Pleased Participants

31 May 2022

Interzoo 2022 reunited the international pet supplies industry. After a four-year delay, it also marked the restart of the leading trade fair for the sector. It featured over 1,329 exhibitors from 59 countries and around 28,000 visitors from 129 nations. The event took place as a hybrid event between 24.05.2022 and 27.05.2022. The venue, Messe Nuremberg, did not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the improved epidemiological situation in Germany. The event received high recognition from the participants and featured many highlights in its support programme.

Interzoo 2022 was held at Messe Nuremberg as a hybrid trade fair. It featured a face-to-face aspect at Messe Nuremberg. It furthermore incorporated a digital platform that granted remote access. Also, it included the Interzoo Academy, a virtual service that featured select lectures. The presentations were displayed as on-demand videos. The venue did not install strict Covid-19 safety measures due to Germany removing its domestic restrictions in April 2022. As a result, the general protection policies became recommended steps. Such included the social distance restrictions and the wearing of medical face masks. Also, many regulations were removed, including the 3G entry policy. The venue did keep several steps, including the frequent cleaning of the high-touch surfaces. Among them were tables, bannisters, door handles, and sanitary facilities. There were also disinfection stations in high-traffic areas such as the exhibition halls.

Interzoo 2022 featured three central themes: sustainability, pet health and digitalisation. These reflected the ongoing trends in the industry. Among them were providing high-quality pet food for all life stages and constitutions. Each central theme was represented through various methods. Such included the main topics influencing the thematic of the lecture highlights. They were also the inspiration for the over 4,000 presented products.

The Highlights of Interzoo 2022 included five sub-events. These were the Country Sessions, the novel Fresh Ideas Stage and the Interzoo Petfluencer Session. They also incorporated the Interzoo Sustainability Sessions and the Petfood Forum Europe. The Petfood Forum Europe took place on 23.05.2022, one day before the inauguration of the hybrid trade fair. It allowed attendees to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the European pet food sector. Each lecture featured a leading speaker such as Kate Vlietstra, Evelien Bos and Lorena Sanchez. Among the notable sessions included in the schedule were the seminars:

  • Update on the global and European pet food markets and trends
  • Developing in-home test techniques to evaluate the digestibility of dog and cat food
  • Mealworm protein hydrolysates as a novel pet food component
  • Black soldier fly fat as a component of pet food receipts
  • Unusual pet food ingredients: Safety concerns and opportunities
  • Using a circular economy model to enhance the environmental performance of wet pet food facilities
  • A new method for determining omega-3 status in pet cell membranes – current developments
  • Potato fibre: A novel blend of soluble and insoluble fibres for enhancing pet digestive health and combating obesity
  • How do pet food mixture packs and multipacks fit into the concept of sustainability?

One of the central highlights of the hybrid trade fair was the Interzoo Sustainability Session. The conference discussed the latest sustainability trends and developments. Complementing the discussion were examples of best practices. The lecture began with a presentation from the Sustainable Transformation Lab and was presented by Ewald Van den Auwelant. It displayed the results from the Interzoo Sustainability Study. It also allowed attendees to learn about the sector's current sustainability level. A lecture on the best sustainable development examples followed the presentation. Attendees were able to exchange views during the panel discussion of the Session. The Sustainability Session took place between 13:00 and 15:00 in the Hall St. Petersburg, NCC Ost on 24.05.2022.

The five Country Sessions were also among the highlights of Interzoo 2022. It discussed the market segments of three countries and two geographic regions. This allowed attendees to learn about the leading markets. This included the latest trends, changes, and opportunities. The five Country Sessions were:

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Western Europe
  • Scandinavia

The Country Session USA detailed the country’s pet food sector, including the import/export regulations. Country Session China likewise examined the high potential, considerable versatility and opportunities of the market. This also applied to Session Western Europe, which detailed the latest regulation changes. The Session for Scandinavia also featured such discussion. Country Session Brazil discussed the differences between the market and other industry segments. It also presented its trends and developments, including the impact caused by Covid-19. Like the USA Session, the lecture also discussed the import and export regulations related to the sector.

The Interzoo Petfluencer Session was among the central highlights of the trade fair. It was a must-attend for all who wish to become pet influencers or seeking to hire such a professional. It featured speakers like Andre Karkalis discussing topics like finding a suitable influencer. Also, it included a detailed overview of how such experts can aid a company or brand.

The novel Fresh Ideas Stages was a highlight that attracted many participants. The debut innovation platform enabled attendees to learn about new business models from start-ups, pet influencers and innovative companies. As a result, they could network and expand their knowledge with new ideas and potential opportunities. It also allowed participants to gain recognition and exchange ideas. The Fresh Ideas Stage comprised two sections—the conference area and the Fresh Ideas Contest. It took place between 25.05.2022 and 27.05.2022. 26.05.2022 was a highly active event for the Fresh Ideas Stages. This is due to the many lectures held during the day. These featured the sessions:

  • Using passion and endurance to overcome the chicken-and-egg contradiction
  • Silkworm Protein: Feed Innovation from a Byproduct
  • Who let the dogs out!?
  • SCOOPEASY - The Easy Way to Your Dog's Business
  • Empower people to create personal sources of affordable and sustainable pet feed
  • The Future of Dogfood: Vegan Dog Nutrition – why (not)?
  • The Green Path of ZEOTECA

25.05.2022 was also a highly active conference day. It featured six sessions that described topics related to one of the three central themes. The lectures were:

  • Cat furniture modern new thought
  • Balancing the energy connection between pet parents and their pets
  • Good ideas, perseverance, and a dash of lunacy
  • Finally, healthy teeth!
  • How did the Pandemic change packaging?
  • It is a great idea to start with small questions: eat small, think big!

27.05.2022 featured the Fresh Ideas Contest. It served as the presentation location and sub-event for start-ups. It was where they could present their business ideas to the attendees and an expert jury via a brief pitch. The jury would examine each proposal and award the three finest ones. The awards included:

  • A 12 sqm stand area at Interzoo 2024 with an approximate value of €2,500
  • An Interzoo marketing package with an approximate value of €2,400
  • A space at the Interzoo Product Showcase with an approximate value of €370

The winners of the contest included Prombyx, who earned the first-place prize. They received the award for their innovative recycling of silk production byproducts. They achieved this by converting the mentioned materials into an alternative protein source. The second position was granted to the Sustainable People for their biodegradable dog waste bags. Protenga received their third-place award for their insect protein created from sustainable sources and via an eco-friendly production process.

Interzoo Party was also among the highlights of Interzoo 2022. It enabled attendees to network in a relaxed yet jubilant surrounding. It took place on 26.05.2022 and featured live music, cocktail parties and dining opportunities. The theme of the Interzoo Party was Welcome Back! The Party occurred for the first time in Messepark.

Interzoo 2022 marked the successful restart of the pet food industry. It featured more than 1,329 exhibitors from 59 countries. The top five exhibiting countries were:

  • Germany (276 exhibitors)
  • Italy (120 exhibitors)
  • The UK (101 exhibitors)
  • The USA (73 exhibitors)
  • The Netherlands (72 exhibitors)

The hybrid trade fair took place on 105,000 m2 of event space, distributed between 12 halls. Around 220 journalists from 13 countries attended the hybrid edition, as did approximately 28,000 trade visitors from 129 nations. Participants were quite pleased with the edition due to the high number of innovations, the face-to-face interactions and the high-quality event schedule.