Interzoo 2016 Is The World’s Biggest Pet Supply Event

7 Aug 2015

In recent years the pet supply industry has seen rapid growth and changes in the ways food, grooming products and accessories for pets are made. The best way to stay on top of your game is to attend INTERZOO 2016 – a major platform, which meets manufacturers and suppliers with buyers of products for dogs, cats, rodents, horses and birds. Don’t miss out on your chance to register the best sales of the year!

You’ll Be in the Company of Everybody Who Is Anybody
When it comes to sizes and attendance, INTERZOO 2016 is one of the more impressive ones on the planet with more than 37,000 trade visitors and 1700 exhibitors coming from around the world to showcase their latest and very best designs, products and services. Whether you have come to purchase or to sell, you will find what you’re looking for and turn a good profit. In this sense, the INTERZOO 2016 attendance is a smart short-term investment.

The event goes back to the mid-20th century and has been steadily growing in size and has a good reputation among industry elites, organizations and associations. Here is the perfect place to do market research and develop new target groups. You also have the opportunity to glimpse into the future of some of the fastest growing product segments – equestrian sports, pet food technology, shop fittings and IT systems. All opportunities to branch out in the future and you’ll be there to learn about them first.

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