Innovations and Creative Designs for the Home Textiles Sector Are Revealed at HEIMTEXTIL 2018

3 Oct 2017

It’s time to meet again for the fashion and technical revelations for the home textiles industry that encompasses every major product group – decoration, furniture fabrics and carpets. The international trade fair is going to take the stage in Frankfurt, Germany, where close to 3000 exhibitors are going to debut their latest products, collections and services for four full days starting January 9th and concluding January 12th. As always, the audience runs in the higher thousands (organizers place attendance rates at around 69,000 trade visitors) and is engaged, enthusiastic and ready to do business. No other event is going to bring visibility to your brand quite as easily and move products off the shelves.

HEIMTEXTIL 2018 Is the Place to Do Business
Out of all the nearly 70,000 visitors, you have representatives of every industry along the full value chain with architects, high-ranking buyers, bed retailers, designers, internal decorators, project planners, interior decorators, visual merchandisers. You have the best prospects to get your textiles seen by buyers from all over the world and break into new markets. Exhibitors come to place in orders, grow their client network and get a feel for current trends.

You Experience an Immaculate Support Program
HEIMTEXTIL 2018 is also invested in delivering you the latest information about trends and innovations. The support program features numerous presentations – Design Live is a definite highlight that attracts visitors and so is the Trendspot Retail theme park, which every year has its own theme. In 2018, it’s going to be the “The Future is Urban”. All About Pets, Campus and DecoTeam are other must-see events.

Now Is the Time to Take Steps to Attend
Don’t think you can have a successful outing at HEIMTEXTIL 2018 without planning your trip and hotel stay well in advance. Seize the moment to book your hotel accommodation now that room rates are low and availability is plentiful. Go Fair ltd can direct you to the best deals for your specific budget.