IFSEC 2022 Signified the Successful Restart of the Global Security Industry

25 May 2022

IFSEC 2022 took place as a live event between 17.05.2022 and 19.05.2022. The event and its co-located fairs marked the restart of the global security industry. The live edition was held at the ExCeL London amidst the absence of Covid-19 restrictions. It featured over 20,000 visitors, over 600 exhibitors and over 60 speakers.

ExCeL London did not feature strict safety regulations during IFSEC 2022. This was due to the improved epidemiological situation in the UK at the time of hosting. Such included the necessity for attendees to present 3G entry documents. Organisers altered many precautions to become recommendable steps. Such included social distancing and the wearing of face masks. The venue retained several precautions. Such incorporated the site undergoing enhanced deep cleaning, focusing on high touch areas. Also, the event space included disinfectant dispensers. This ensured that attendees could perform hand disinfections when necessary. To avoid congestion, organisers implemented a non-contact form of registration. All participants were encouraged to avoid physical contact forms, such as handshakes.

IFSEC 2022 featured four novel sections, each containing at least three highlights. The four sections and their respective highlights included:

  • Celebrate
    • IFSEC & FIREX After Party
    • SSAIB Installers' Bar
    • SSAIB Installers Drinks
    • BSIA Members Area
  • Live Demos
    • Converged Security Centre
    • LPCB Attack Testing Zone
  • Uncover Tech
    • Protect & Prepare Seminar
    • NSI Boardroom Talks
    • ASIS Certification Workshop
    • IFSEC & FIREX Training
  • Product Launch

Each section focused on a specific goal. Celebrate, for instance, enabled attendees to connect with the industry. This was achievable by attending one or more networking sub-events. The Live Demos permitted participants to examine in real-time simulations innovative technologies. They could partake in micro-events such as the Converged Security Centre for the task. Uncover Tech featured sub-events that presented the latest solutions and information. Due to its aims, the section included sub-events, such as the IFSEC & FIREX training. Product Launch featured the presentation of the latest innovations created by the exhibitors. This included showcasing the products at the exhibitor stands via the detailed exhibition.

One highlight of IFSEC 2022 was the IFSEC & FIREX Training. The trade fair featured dedicated training sessions for installers, integrators, and engineers. This enabled them to learn about the latest practices and earn accredited CPD points. The courses that provided such marks were of two variants. These included ones held by independent and vendor-agnostic fire training and security organisations. Examples of such independent organisations were Skills for Security and Tavcom training. Manufacturers provided the second type of training course. They were vetted by independent consultants to ensure high-quality training. The second type also examined technological innovations that met the new industry standards. Among the manufacturers providing such as Texecom and Hikvision. Each session took place for four to six hours. Among the highlight sessions of the programme were the lectures:

  • An Overview of Fire Detection and Alarms by Fire Industry Association (FIA)
  • Cyber Security by Hikvision
  • FESS: ECS Systems Operative–Emergency, Fire, and Security Systems
  • Digital Service Masterclass by Texecom
  • Workshop on Fusion Splicing and Optical Fibre Overview by Tavcom
  • Introducing to fire doors and building fire safety by Warringtonfire

The Converged Security Centre likewise was among the highlights of the trade fair. It showed how IT and physical security could combine to create holistic solutions. This included presenting the latest advancements in CSIM. It likewise demonstrated the newest software, hardware, and information media synergies. The Centre’s partner for 2022 was Advancis, which collaborated with several vendors. The group displayed various open and integrated security management platforms. They furthermore showed the advantages such technologies could provide. Attendees could also network with the experts responsible for their creation. This included attending presentations held by James Wilison and Sarb Sembhi. Such lectures presented the end-user and integrator options.

Among the highlights of IFSEC 2022 was the Protect & Prepare Seminar. It was a lecture that focused on Protect Duty and public venue protection. It featured Figen Murray as its guest speaker and took place on 18.05.2022. The seminar was targeted at venue security and PALs Security professionals. The session allowed them to learn about the upcoming Protect Duty legislation. This includes its repercussions. Additionally, the lecture provided information on working with police units across the country. The session comprised three presentations held from 09:00 to 12:15 in the South Gallery Suite 18. The presentations were:

  • The Protect Duty from the Housing Company's Perspective
  • Public Accessible Locations (PALs)
  • The importance of the Protect Duty and Martyn's Law

The NSI Boardroom Talks were among the highlights of IFSEC’s event programme. The sub-event took place on 17.05.2022 at 11:30. It comprised a 60-minute double session for NSI approved companies. The programme was curated to address topics of interest to senior leaders. This included subjects such as:

  • Procurement Rule, Outsourcing Services, and Social Value Changes
  • Meet the Sustainability Challenge: How to Incorporate Social Value and Net Zero Energy

The ASIS Certification Workshop also served as one of IFSEC 2022’s highlights and was held on 17.05.2022. It comprised a certification workshop and panel discussion in the ASIS Lounge IF2840. The expert panel discussed essential ASIS certification programmes. Among the topics were the benefits of obtaining such accreditation. Additionally, the panel discussed the process and the study pathways.

One highlight of the trade fair was the LPCB Attack Testing Zone. It comprised live test sessions. LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) technicians tested physical security equipment during the tests. Such included security doors, shutters, covers, and perimeter fencing. The technicians used for the task an assortment of handheld tools. Among them were hammers, wire cutters, and other such items. This allowed them to show the differences between approved and unapproved security products. Such included ones that have not achieved the minimal LPS 1175 SR-3 compliance.

The Product Launches were among the distinguishing features of IFSEC 2022. They enabled attendees to meet in person with various global suppliers. Many of whom debuted innovations. Among the Product Launches with prime interest were the showcases:

  • SightLogix with their Sighttracker PTZ. SightTracker PTZ is a smart intruder tracker. It can follow and detects targets as they move throughout a site. It repositions at speeds previously unachievable by previous PTZ models. This allows the ware to deliver critical information over large perimeters.
  • LINEV Systems showcased three scanners during IFSEC 2022. One of them was the Proteus 6045 Baggage Scanner. Proteus 6045 is targeted toward the scanning of potential threat-carrying containers. Such includes mail, packages, and other such hazards. It detects potential threats while being easy to use and non-throughput-slowing.
  • Terracom debuted its Issue Management functionality for its MyLoneWorkers and QR-Patrol products. It will aid in promoting the efficiency of day-to-day company operations. This will help them in reducing costs and saving time.
  • Beamagine was a start-up company that debited with its novel L3CA. This is a perception unit with 3D, thermal and RGB imagining modes. Additionally, the system incorporates a computer that promotes the fusion of the processes. This improves swift transitions during work. This allows the users to apply detection software to all techniques. As a result, the number of false alarms caused by automated security centrals is reduced. It also removes the need for software developers to use hardware recalibrations.
  • PINTEL debuted a novel object detection technology with high speed and high-resolution frames. The technology uses for the task bitstream information generated during the CCTV encoding. Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy has certified the technology.

IFSEC 2022 featured many networking highlights. This allowed the industry to reconnect and network in person. Among them was the IFSEC & FIREX After Party held on 17.05.2022. It marked the event's return and was held at the indigo in the O2. This allowed attendees to network in a relaxed environment. The venue was available from the ExCeL London in 20 minutes via the Emirates Cable Car. This enabled participants to enjoy the evening views while travelling to the site.

The SSAIB Installers' Bar was another networking highlight of the trade fair. It was held by the event’s partner, SSAIB. The Bar enabled SSAIB approved companies and installer participants to network. This included meeting representatives from the partner company, such as Alex Carmichael. Such an opportunity permitted participants to learn about the process of SSAIB certification. SSAIB also hosted the SSAIB Installers Drinks on 18.05.2022. The event was held between 4:30 and 6:00 pm. It served as another opportunity to learn about SSAIB certification and network.

The BSIA Members Area was also among the networking highlights of IFSEC 2022. It allowed BSIA members and prospective participants to network and expand their knowledge. The sub-event featured leading figures like Mike Reddington and a series of presentations. The sub-event was among the must-attend for members seeking to learn about the sector. It also enabled them to communicate via a certified and recognised link with the UK’s government.

IFSEC once again took place as part of a five-show-rendition. The trade fair occurred alongside four other trade shows:

  • the Safety & Health Expo
  • the Facilities Show
  • Intelligent Building Europe
  • FIREX International

Attendees could visit the co-located expos via their purchased ticket. Each featured its own set of highlights. Such included:

  • The Expertise and Guidance Conference and Seminars (FIREX)
  • The Immersive Smart Building Experience (Intelligent Building Europe and Facilities Show)
  • The Operational Excellence Theatre (Safety & Health Expo)

IFSEC 2022 and its co-located trade fairs featured over 20,000 visitors. It also featured over 60 speakers and more than 600 exhibitors from approximately 43 countries. Participants expressed were quite jubilant at the opportunity to attend in person. They asserted high contentment in their attendance. This was due to the high quality of the visitors and presented innovations.