IDS 2021 — Successfully sets the impulses for the recovering dental industry

28 Sep 2021

IDS 2021 marked the restart of the in-person trade fairs for the dental industry. The event took place as a hybrid event between 22.09.2021 and 25.309.2021 at Messe Cologne. All participants were pleased to be able to interact in person once again. The edition was the first in the history of the event to take place in a hybrid format. Many attendees opted to use the IDSConnect, the complementing digital platform. Among the innovations presented were high-performance suction systems for aerosol reduction and others. The edition was considered a success by organisers. The 2023 edition of the IDS will proceed as planned.

IDS 2021 marked the successful restart of in-person trade fairs for the dental industry. It also helped to set the impulses needed for the industry to begin its restart and to adapt. The edition took place in a hybrid format. It consisted of an in-person exhibition and a complementing digital platform. The face-to-face aspect of the event included strict COVID-19 prevention measures. Among them were social distancing and the compulsory wearing of face masks. Additionally, attendees needed to present digital tickets and a EUDCC certificate. The in-person aspect of the event took place between 22.09.2021 and 25.09.2021. Over 23000 trade visitors and 830 exhibitors attended in person. The 2021 edition was the first in the history of the event to take place in a hybrid format. This was necessary due to the ongoing pandemic.

Among the main highlights was the presentation of many new technologies and products. Many of the novelties received a strong creative impulse from the ongoing pandemic. This included novel means of preventing coronavirus infections for practising dental professionals. One of the innovations presented was a high-performance suction system. These were in the form of headphones. They featured a special suction cannula attached in a new way. This allows reducing the aerosol cloud that leaves the patient’s mouth to a minimum. This allows the reduction of the aerosol formation in closed dental clinic rooms to 00.1%. Another innovation inspired by the importance of coronavirus infections is a new mouthwash. It reduces virus particles in oral cavities by 71%. Novelties also included a new splint that uses transparent aligners to treat malocclusions. For the task, two thicknesses are used per each treatment step. This ensures the optimal transfer of forces to the teeth. Both aligners and all patient information are received by the practice as a complete package using a pre-agreed digital plan. This helps to reduce the amount of time needed to treat malocclusions and avoid errors.

Many attendees opted to use the digital platform. This included 77 exhibitors who presented 88 items during 1310 minutes of broadcasting time. They also opted to view the detailed event programme. Among the main events was the presentation of the Impression Prize and the Gysi Prize. Yet, many opted to visit in person for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. This is showed by the responses of over 50% of attendees. Both exhibitors and visitors stated that networking in person is their main reason for visiting IDS 2021. Over two-thirds of attendants were satisfied with the exhibition and the networking opportunities. Over 70% per cent of respondents will attend the 2023 edition of IDS.

Following the success of IDS 2021, organisers will proceed with the hosting of the 2023 rendition. IDS 2023 will be in an in-person format and will take place between 14.09.2023 and 18.09.2023. Messe Cologne will be the hosting location of the fair.