GrindTec Augsburg 2022 - A Successful Return After a Four-year Hiatus

22 Mar 2022

GrindTec Augsburg 2022 marked the prosperous return of the event. The trade fair took place as a face-to-face exhibition at Messe Augsburg. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the venue had strict safety precautions in place. The edition received 7100 grinding technology industry specialists. Included in this number were around 300 exhibitors from 22 countries. The GrindTec Augsburg 2022 featured a high concentration of European participants and innovations. It further featured new theme areas.

GrindTec Augsburg 2022 took place in a face-to-face format. It occurred between 15.03.2022 and 18.03.2022 at Messe Augsburg. The venue incorporated the newest coronavirus security measures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These were part of the safety plan known as “Messe Augsburg #backinbusiness”. The safety plan included various protection and hygiene regulations. These were necessary to ensure the security and well-being of the participants. Among them were the latest admission regulations. This included participants showing proof of recovery or vaccination passports before entry.
The event space was also subjected to expansion as one of the implemented security measures. Such a step is necessary to ensure the proper upholding of the social distance. Among the procedures taken as part of this protocol was installing distance markers. They also included instating means to regulate visitor flow. Among these was implementing separate entrances and exits. Organisers also reconfigured the conference areas to avoid crowd congestions. Attendees at all times had to ­­uphold a social distance of 1.5 metres.
As part of the safety concept, attendants had to pre-register online. This granted them contactless and digital admission to the event. Such a step was necessary to track contacts in the case of an infection chain outbreak. As part of the safety plan, Messe Augsburg featured sanitation regulations. These included the venue receiving a permanent supply of external fresh air. The locale featured a modern ventilation system with separate flows for the task. Also, frequent use surfaces like the handrails were subject to regular disinfection.
Attendees were also asked to wear face masks that covered their mouths and noses. These were removable in catering locations and outdoor areas. They also had to cough and sneeze in the crooks of their arms while turning away from the other attendees. Participants were advised to avoid shaking hands due to sanitation regulations. They also had to perform regular hand disinfection using the available dispensers.

GrindTec Augsburg 2022 featured various highlights. Among them was the high concentration of European participants. There were also an unusually large number of showcased technical/technological innovations. Additionally, the event featured several new theme worlds. Furthermore, a highlight of the event was the Grinding Experts' Night sub-event. GrindTec 2022 featured a high concentration of European participants. According to the statistics, the number of German participants had increased to 59%. Additionally, it included a strong representation of Italy (11%) and Switzerland (8%). This resulted in the continent's presence at the fair totalling 78%.

Many innovations were also showcased at the event. Such included new grinding machines, measuring devices, clamping techniques, and automation solutions. This showed the increasing demand for new business models and processes. This applied especially after the setting of the global sustainability targets.
Furthermore, many innovations displayed the digitalisation megatrend. This is due to such solutions being invaluable for machine operations and programming. GrindTec 2022 showed many trendsetting technologies that provide innovative laser processing preparation. Many novel coating technologies and tool soldering systems were also presented. One of the presentation highlights was the latest smart technologies. These enabled the monitoring and control of production equipment via smartphone and tablet.
An example showcase innovation included Anton Wimmer Machinenfabrik GmbH’s novel machines. These featured a small cut-off table machine and an automated grinding machine. The name of the latter product was the automatic chamfer grinding machine, FSA 383. BATEC's novel fire suppression control system, the BA 400 fire control, was another example.

Among the highlights of GrindTec Augsburg 2022 was the debut of several new theme worlds. One of them was the GrindTec FACTORY. The FACTORY showcased seven manufacturers who presented their innovative technologies. Their showcasing occurred as part of a manual and digital network. This allowed attendees to learn about novelties for the entire process chain. Digital or mechanical interfaces for other technologies were also featured in the showcase. GrindTec FACTORY was available in Hall 7 on an exhibition space of 500 m2. The presented manufacturers were:

  • HAAS
  • ISBE Softwaretechnik
  • ACI Laser
  • GDS Präzision
  • MOC Danner
  • Toolprep

The presentation included all stages of the development cycle. This included preparing the first drawing to the completion of the finished product.
The GrindTec INNOVATION theme world was also another novel area. It comprises a digital platform with a detailed blog. Attendees could learn about the latest trends, news and innovations through the blog. The show zone also included the presentation of the GrindTec Innovation Award. The award lauds the latest innovations that will drive the industry's progress. The competition was won by a premier materials science company. The name of the company was Hyperion Materials & Technologies. The novel products that earned the Award were AM110-grade tungsten carbide rod blanks. These enabled the production of high-quality tools for machining superalloys. The blanks feature a design that ensures optimal galling resistance, hardness, and toughness.
GrindTec START-UP also debuted at the 2022 edition of GringTec Augsburg. It comprised a platform that enabled innovative and young companies to present themselves. The theme world took place with the aid of the organiser AFAG and FDPW, the technical sponsor of the event. GrindTec START-Up took place as a means to hasten the industry's recovery. It was also intended as a way to help start-ups.

GrindTec Augsburg 2022 also featured several already-established sub-events as highlights. Among them was the Grinding Experts' Night micro-event. Another established sub-event that served as a highlight included the GrindTec Forum. Featured as a focal point was also the GrindTec CAMPUS.
Once again, the WWK Arena served as the exclusive area for the Grinding Experts’ Night. Organisers redesigned the Arena to provide the ideal setting. The sub-event provided a relaxed environment for exhibitors and association members to network.
The GrindTec Forum was also among the highlights of the 2022 edition. It included lectures that addressed the most recent developments, implementations, and scientific studies. As with previous renditions, the sessions took place in German and English. The focus of the Forum was on global trends like digitalisation. Among the example topics featured in GrindTec Forum 2022 were:

  • HiPIMS coatings for sustainable machining
  • Digital machining in grinding
  • Groundbreaking CVD diamond coating process
  • Toolyzer - an innovative cutting tool and process simulation

Тhe GrindTec CAMPUS situated in Hall 3 was also one highlight of GrindTec Augsburg 2022. It served as the host location for institutions such as universities. This included representatives of establishments like:

  • TU Berlin's IWF (Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Operation)
  • Technical University in Dortmund's ISF (Institute for Machining Technology)
  • Leibniz University in Hanover's IFW (Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools)
  • RWTH Aachen University's WZL (Machine Tool Laboratory)
  • Furtwangen University's KSF (Competence Centre for Grinding Technology and Superfinishing)
    The CAMPUS allowed institutions to present new research and development, including novel studies. Examples included the latest means to optimise machining results.

GrindTec Augsburg 2022, according to participants, was quite successful. This is due to the high participation numbers and the high visitor quality. The event featured 7,100 grinding industry experts from 44 nations. Three hundred of the participants were exhibitors and represented 22 countries. These included nations such as:

  • China
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Taiwan
  • Great Britain
  • Portugal
  • Luxemburg
  • Italy
  • Serbia
  • USA
  • France
  • Germany
  • the Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • the Czech Republic
  • Austria

The 2022 edition of the event featured a high concentration of procurement competence. This is due to the many participants with decisive/co-decisive investment arrangement roles. The total amount of attendees who had such a role totalled 72%. The event was valued as very good/good/satisfactory by two-thirds of the attendees. Following the edition's success, organisers have opted to proceed with the next one. GrindTec Augsburg 2024 will occur as a face-to-face trade fair at Messe Augsburg. The rendition will take place between 12.03.2024 and 15.03.2024.