Fensterbau Frontale and HOLZ-HANDWERK 2022 - the Joyous Reunifying Edition

27 Jul 2022

Fensterbau Frontale and Holz-Handwerk 2022 marked the successful reunion of the related industries. The events took place as a one-off summer edition comprising two hybrid fairs between 12.07.2022 and 15.07.2022. They focused on several aspects, such as face-to-face meetings and networking. Additionally, they featured procuring solutions and examining products. Discussing the latest challenges and newest trends was also among the focus aspects. Likewise, emphasis was placed on exploring the various training opportunities. The events received 708 exhibitors from 33 countries. Around 28,500 visitors from over 100 nations examined their wares.

Fensterbau Frontale and Holz-Handwerk 2022 took place as hybrid events. They comprised face-to-face fairs complemented by a digital platform. This allowed attendees to take part in remote form as well as live. Many aspects of the support programme were also available after the event at www.live.frontale.de/en. Attendees could additionally use the IOS or android apps. They provided detailed information about the exhibitors and displayed wares. This enabled attendees to create a customised and informative wish list. The apps, furthermore, granted easy navigation via a dynamic floor plan. The host venue, Messe Nuremberg, did not feature strict Covid-19 measures. This was due to the removal of domestic restrictions. The government opted for such a measure because of the improving pandemic situation.

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2022 showcased the latest innovations within the industry. This included novel technologies, components, and structural elements. Participants could also examine the newest machinery and services. The support schedule further presented the latest topics through its over 80 presentations. The distinguishing features included:

  • The Fensterbau Frontale Forum
  • The “Green Deal” Special Show
  • The “Practical Guide to Digitalisation for Craftspeople” Forum
  • The 10th Architecture Window Facade Forum
  • The GLASWELT Guided Tours
  • The Expert Talks
  • The MetallbauTREFF
  • The Taste of Windays

The FENSTERBAU FRONTALE FORUM served as a knowledge transfer and networking platform. The discussed topics included CO2 efficiency, PVC windows, glass applications, and others. PVC windows and sustainability were presented via the ”PVC window profiles” forum block. It was held by the organisations EPPA and GKFP on 14.07.2022 between 10:30 and 14:00. The featured topics were:

  • From the Green Deal to committing to the Circular Plastics Alliance.
  • Modernisation with PVC windows to upgrade living spaces.
  • Circular thinking - standardisation of PVC window profile system news.
  • PVC window Design-for-Recycling–promoting sustainability at the outset.
  • The RAL warranty mark as a reference for RAL quality certification.
  • The latest GKFP quality certification news.
  • The German PVC windows alliance on circularity, climate protection, and energy efficiency–Prowindo

A novel change was the sub-event hosting two award ceremonies. The sub-events honoured the winners of the MeisterAward and the Window Manufacturer of the Year Award. The MeisterAward lauds the outstanding master glazier exam results of young tradespeople. The winners include Anette Schifferle and Elisabeth Lämmle. Florian Standecker won the second position in the practical sub-area. Thomas Laahs and Niklas Gelissen earned third place in the practical sub-area. Nicolai Lohr, a volunteer crafts student, also received a scholarship of 5,000 euros. This was due to their social commitment.

The Window Manufacturer of the Year Award lauds innovative concepts. It particularly acknowledges the ones created by small-scale window manufacturers. Such include ones that improve products, promote effective marketing, or improve production processes. They also lauded concepts that promote sustainable and long-term staff encouragement. The ceremony took place on 14.07.2022. The winners included Brammertz, who earned recognition in the Digital Business Processes category. They received acknowledgement for their consistent use of digital aids. Such include the usage of interactive screens for customer project meetings. Wiesenburg’s Spatzier Joinery earned recognition in the Product Development and Manufacturing category. This was due to their description of creating non-standard window and door elements. This included the genesis of the components. It also featured details about their manufacturing using complex technical requirements. The description further detailed the fulfilment of the design and craftsmanship demands. They received a prize worth 1,000 euros and a detailed report in the GFF magazine.

The Special Show “Green Deal” focused on increasing CO2 efficiency. It also discussed how sustainable windows and structural components protect against climate extremes. It was co-organised by ift Rosenheim. Hall 1, Stand 1-339, served as the presentation site for the Special Show. It featured various exhibitors presenting their innovations via themed display areas. It distributed the two central topics into ten topics:

  • CO2 emission minimisation and living comfort improving digital control systems
  • Energy-related renovation simplification technologies (energy-sprong/serial refurbishment principle)
  • Sustainability-improving products and constructions that use the cradle-to-cradle principle.
  • Products with high recycled material content and crafted from renewable materials
  • CO2 emission reduction and energy-efficiency-improving methods for buildings, building materials, and building elements
  • Heatwave protection granting and air-conditioning unit energy consumption reducing adaptive solar shading systems
  • Solar radiation damage protection-granting surfaces
  • Air quality and microclimate-improving green facades
  • Methods to provide protection and resilience against climate extremes
  • Decentralised ventilation systems with minimal energy consumption

Digitalisation was a leading topic during the 2022 edition of Fensterbau Frontale. This was reflected through various means. Among them was the “Practical Guide to Digitisation for Craftspeople” Forum. It was held in conjunction with HOLZ-HANDWERK. Technical colleges, associations and the trade press attended the sub-event. It focused on how digitalisation can aid skilled trade enterprises. The forum was presented in Hall 8 and featured talks and presentation sessions. They included interviews with professional skilled trades entrepreneurs. They described their experience with digital transformation and the provided benefits. This included how digitalisation has aided them in increasing efficiency and productivity. Examples include optimising quality employee recruitment, retention, and training processes. Attendees could additionally learn about future opportunities. The sub-event was accessible for four days and featured four main topics:

  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Employees
  • Looking beyond the horizon
  • All about the customer

Each topic focused on at least two sub-topics. For instance:

  • Efficiency and productivity discussed:
    • Is it possible to digitalise the process from the first contact to the final invoice?
    • Improving the efficiency of production and construction sites by using intelligent systems?
  • Employees debated the subjects:
    • The successful addressing, attracting, and retaining of skilled workers
    • The role of generational change and business handover in the (digital) work culture
  • All about the customer discussed:
    • The essential road to new customer acquisition–social media referral marketing
    • Why do social media explainer videos tell more than paper brochures?
  • Looking beyond the horizon, debated topics such as:
    • Which are the future trends entrepreneurs should be knowledgeable about now?
    • The novel craft business fields hidden in future technologies

The 10th Architecture Window Facade Forum attracted many architects and designers. It was organised by the trade journals xia and AIT. The maxim was “ROBUST–Responsible use of resources–resilience–adaptability”. The adage focused on alternative building sustainability, adaptivity, durability, and flexibility approaches. It discussed social equity, mobility, digitalisation, and climate-friendly building methods. Such as architectural solutions that refocus on the traditional building methods. The Forum was presented at the Tokyo Room in the NCC Ost.

Overviewing innovations and products were among the primary goals of many participants. To aid them, Fensterbau Frontale 2022 featured the GLASWELT Guided Tours. The Tours enabled attendees to overview the fair and network with exhibitors. They were organised with the aid of the trade journal GLASWELT and were available in German. The Tours began from Stand 5-142 in Hall 5 and were available between 12.07.2022 and 14.07.2022. They allowed participants to examine one exhibitor every approximately 10 minutes. During the tour, the guide introduced the visited company. Each tour session was held for 2 hours.

Fensterbau Frontale featured several novel sub-events. These included the Expert Talks and the MetallbauTREFF. The Expert Talks comprised four Q&A panels held between 12.07.2022 and 15.07.2022. The discussed topics included:

  • mounting frames
  • PVC windows of the future
  • reducing CO2 emissions through reflection rather than insulation
  • window construction digitalisation

The sub-event took place at the foyer cafe in the NCC Ost.

MetallbauTREFF presented the latest innovations from the window, facade, and metal construction sectors. It enabled tradespeople from the related sectors to network and overview products. The Taste of Windays was among the lead highlights of Fensterbau Frontale 2022. It presented the latest innovations from Switzerland. The Bern University of Applied Sciences organised the sub-event. The theme of the event was “Smart windows–smart design”.

As mentioned, Fensterbau Frontale featured many novel products. The exhibition featured the highest concentration. Among the presented innovations was the first battery-operated trailer crane. Known as the AHK 36e, it was presented by the company Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH. It features an eco-friendly independent operating system. Operators can use conventional household sockets due to the electric drive and energy storage technology. It can recharge from 20% to 80% in less than an hour. Another presented innovation was the antibacterial finishes. These comprise powder coatings with microorganism-inhibiting additives.

The coinciding 20th-anniversary edition of HOLZ-HANDWERK also featured a variety of highlights. These included:

  • The Special Show “DesignObjekt–ObjektDesign”
  • The HOLZ-HANDWERK Campus
  • The “Innovation made in Germany” Pavilion

The Special Show “DesignObjekt–ObjektDesign” focused on generating ideas during the creative process. The Bavarian Carpentry Association (FSH) organised it. It provided an interactive platform for gaining practical tips about realising ideas. This included learning about modern techniques, new design trends and innovative materials. The HOLZ-HANDWERK Campus once again presented various vocational training colleges and establishments. It addressed topics related to supporting the next generation of tradespeople.

The “Innovation Made in Germany” Pavilion was a lead highlight of Holz-Handwerk 2022. It was the showcase location for innovative companies. The pavilion featured three companies. These were Artesa GmbH, Schreinerei Haas Mathias, and Plancraft GmbH.

Artesa GmbH’s Artesa app allows users to perform various tasks. These include over-viewing employee progress and time tracking, quotation preparation, and invoicing. At the construction site, workers can peruse it to be informed about projects. They can also track their working hours and share completed work. Within the workshop, Artesa enables the on-timely completion of orders. It achieves this by allowing workers to see which projects are available. The app enables the displaying of PDF drawings. Recording working hours and production progress are also possible.

The Plancraft Mobile app allows workers to access all project information. It furthermore features an option to record construction progress using photos. It also permits storing and recording all data needed for invoicing. Simultaneously, the app is as simple to use as WhatsApp. The Web & Tablet app enables the creation of various customised calculations.

Fensterbau Frontale and Holz-Handwerk 2022 were outstanding successes. They marked the joyful reunion of the related sectors amidst great excitement. They also re-established the importance of the trade fairs as leading networking platforms. The events received 708 exhibitors from 33 countries and around 28,500 visitors from over 100 countries. Exhibitors lauded the excellent calibre of trade visitors. Many of the attendees were decision-makers with specific purchasing intentions.