Fakuma 2021 — A Welcome And Successful Edition For The Plastics Industry

21 Oct 2021

Fakuma 2021 marked the successful restart of the plastics processing industry. The event took place at Messe Friedrichshafen between 12.10.2021 and 16.10.2021. It was the first major international plastics exhibition to take place in fall 2021. The event received a total of 1470 exhibitors from 39 countries. It included focus topics on sustainability, the circular economy as well as recycling. According to all attendants, the edition was a success. Participants are looking forward to the next edition. Fakuma 2023 will take place at Messe Friedrichshafen between 17.10.2023 and 21.10.2023.

Fakuma 2021 marked the successful restart of the plastics processing industry. Messe Friedrichshafen served as the hosting location of the fair. The event occurred as a live exhibition between October 12th and 16th, 2021. It featured 1470 exhibitors attending from 39 countries. 40% of the exhibiting companies were from abroad. This showed the importance of Fakuma for the plastic processing industry. It also showed the importance of face-to-face exhibitions for conducting industry business. The event took place on a total of 85 000 m2 of gross exhibition space. The venue featured strict Covid-19 prevention measures to ensure attendant safety. The safety precautions included attendees needing to present health certificates. They also featured the compulsory wearing of masks and maintaining social distance.

Fakuma once again proved its position as the business platform for presenting innovations. Many participants opted to present new products and solutions at the exhibition. This included new injection moulding, extrusion technology, 3D printing and thermoforming products. Many of the presented wares focused on sustainability, circular economy, and recycling. They also showed that the industry has undergone a digitalisation acceleration. Among the improvements presented were better automation, improved Ai operations and others. Sustainability, circular economy and recycling were also among the leading conference topics. This included a discussion on how plastics can help the energy transition.

According to all participants, the 2021 edition of Fakuma was quite successful. This included exhibitors and visitors considering the format to be practical. They furthermore consider the format to have a high level of expertise. It also showed the industry’s readiness to restart after 18 months of stagnation. Organisers announced at the end of the fair that Fakuma 2023 will take place as a live exhibition. The fair’s 28th edition will occur between 17.10.2023 and 21.10.2023 at Messe Friedrichshafen.