EBACE 2022 – Successful Restart of the Trade Fair With High Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

3 Jun 2022

EBACE 2022 took place as a face-to-face trade show at the Palexpo between 23.05.2022 and 25.05.2022. The event featured around 296 exhibitors from approximately 29 countries. It furthermore included a high-quality event schedule that focused on four themes. The themes were sustainability, innovations, technology, and workforce inclusion. The support programme also included presenting new initiatives. Among the contributors to the jubilant atmosphere was the absence of strict Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to Switzerland lifting the related domestic restrictions in February 2022.

Palexpo did not incorporate rigorous Covid-19 safety measures. This was due to the country removing its domestic restrictions on 16.02.2022. Due to this, many safety measures were removed or became recommendable steps. Such included the need to wear face masks in indoor spaces. The venue did retain precautions, such as performing frequent disinfection of high-contact locations.

EBACE 2022 featured several highlights. They included the following micro-events:

  • EBACE Media Luncheon
  • Aircraft Display
  • Business Aviation Sustainability Summit
  • EBACE Conferences
  • Career Day Panels

The central themes were sustainability, diversity, innovation, and technology.

At the trade fair, there were many highlights, including the EBACE Media luncheon. The sub-event was subsidised by Embraer, one of the leading exhibitors of the edition. The Media Luncheon took place on 23.05.2022 and featured five panellists as the speakers:

  • Ed Bolen, NBAA CEO and President
  • Athar Husain Khan, EBAA General Secretary
  • Michael Amalfitano, Embraer Executive Jets CEO
  • Kenny Dichter, WheelsUp Founder and CEO
  • David Paddock, CEO of Jet Aviation

The speakers discussed various topics. Among them were sustainability, technology, innovations, and workforce inclusion. They also included presenting new initiatives, such as STARS. They also discussed the importance of attracting young talents. One speaker noted that this is their prime challenge.

Among the highlights of EBACE 2022 were the various new plane debuts. Many of the leading exhibitors, as well as start-ups, presented them. Among the companies to debut new craft via the exhibition and the Aircraft Display area. Because of the ongoing construction of the Geneva Airport, attendees could not access the site on foot. The Aircraft Display featured over 50 craft, including the highlights:

  • Aero Asset
    • Agusta A109
    • Airbus Helicopter H135
  • Airbus
    • Airbus ACJ
    • Cessna Citation XLS
  • Blueberry Aviation
    • Leonardo AW139
  • Boeing
    • Boeing BBJ
  • Bombardier
    • Global 6500
    • Global 7500
    • Challenger 650
    • Challenger 350
  • Comlux Aviation
    • Airbus ACJ319
  • Daher Aircraft
    • TBM 940

  • Dassault Aviation
    • Falcon 2000LX
    • Falcon 8X
    • Falcon 6X
  • Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.
    • Eclipse 550
  • Embraer
    • Phenom 300E
    • Praetor 600
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
    • Gulfstream G650ER
    • Gulfstream G700
    • Gulfstream G600
    • Gulfstream G500
    • Gulfstream G280
  • Honda Aircraft
    • HondaJet HA-420
  • LunaJets
    • TBD TBD
  • Piaggio Aerospace
    • Piaggio Avanti EVO
  • Pilatus
    • Pilatus PC-12
    • Pilatus PC-24
  • Piper
    • Piper M600
    • Piper M350
    • Piper PA-28
  • Tecnam
    • Tecnam P2012 Traveller
  • Textron Aviation
    • Citation M2
    • King Air 360
    • Citation CJ4 Gen 2
    • Citation XLS+
    • Citation Latitude
    • Citation Longitude
  • Wheels Up
    • Cessna Citation CJ3

One of EBACE 2022’s highlights was its novel Business Aviation Sustainability Summit. It was held on 23.05.2022 and 24.05.2022. During the two days, attendees could learn about the industry’s sustainability goals. They could also learn about the latest innovative technologies that will aid in achieving them. Such include new air mobility solutions, sustainability initiatives and carbon reduction improvements. The Summit included two Luncheon sessions, a Breakfast session, two panels and three lectures.

The Newsmakers Luncheons and Breakfast were novel additions to the event. It comprised sessions during which attendees could learn the latest information about sustainability. For instance, the 23.05.2022 Luncheon (A Flight Plan for the Future) featured Bryan Sherbacow and Kennedy Ricci as the speakers. They discussed the sustainable aviation fuels and offsetting solutions of tomorrow. The 24.05.2022 Luncheon (Advanced Air Mobility) likewise discussed new air mobility technologies. This included how the developments improve efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. The mentioned session featured Christian Bauer and Verity Richardson as the speakers. On 24.05.2022, the Newsmakers Breakfast discussed the revolution electricity is causing in aviation.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was the focus of the Technical Panel and OEM Panel. The Panels were held at the Innovation Zone. The Technical Panel detailed the use of SAF and featured speakers such as Juergen Wiese. It also shared the progress in ensuring that SAF is available for potential users. The OEM Panel detailed the progress achieved by manufacturers in supporting SAF. It featured lecturers such as Charles Etter.

As mentioned, the Summit featured three lectures that focused on sustainability. These were:

  • Better Flight Efficiency and Fuel Reduction: The Solution is Onboard!
  • Offset 101—A Basic Guide to Offsetting
  • Standards and Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability (STARS)

Each lecture detailed a different topic or project related to sustainability. For instance, one session discussed technologies that reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions. It also debated procedures that can achieve high emission reduction yield. Additionally, it discussed how EUROCONTROL could support operations by improving flight planning. Such improvements, in turn, contribute to higher flight optimisation and efficiency. Another featured session was the one that discussed the STARS Initiative. It featured speakers such as Magdalena Korpal and Liz Moscrop. During the session, the lecturers discussed what the Initiative is. They also explained who can take part in its implementation. They likewise discussed when the programme would be available to industry stakeholders. The third lecture featured in the Summit took place in the Innovation Zone. It included lecturers such as Wayne Sharpe and Kurt Edwards and featured a demonstration of the novel IBAC EX. It likewise featured offset providers and operators sharing experiences on offsetting.

EBACE 2022 included many conference sessions that served as a highlight. They comprised the lectures:

  • Operational Challenges in the Next 12 Months
  • State of Industry: Presentation & Data Insights
  • Learn How New Technology Will Change Inflight Connectivity for Business Aviation
  • Supporting the Launch of AAM Operations Within Business Aviation
  • How Digital Product Consolidation is Driving the Future of Business Aviation
  • Long-term Strategies for the Future of Business Aviation
  • The New Age of Selling Aircraft: 2022 and Beyond – Are these the Gilded Years?
  • Significant Changes Are Coming to Passenger Registration for Bizav Flights In Europe Through EU-LISA
  • Safety in AAM
  • State of Industry: Panel Discussion

Many of the sessions took place at Exhibit Hall Theatre 1. These featured at least three speakers and each detailed a different topic related to the industry. One session discussed the challenges operators might encounter in the upcoming months. Another lecture discussed vital industry insights and market intelligence through advanced data presentations. One session featured thought leaders discussing the evolutions that will affect business aviation. They also discussed strategies that will incorporate future changes. The area also served as the hosting location for the New Age of Selling Aircraft: 2022 and Beyond. It examined the current status of the aircraft transactions market. It likewise featured a forecast for the rest of the year and the upcoming ones. The session also featured discussions about the latest trends, like favoured aircraft types.

Exhibit Hall Theatre 2 also presented highlight lectures. One such session was Learn How New Technology Will Change Inflight Connectivity for Business Aviation. Gogo Business Aviation sponsored the seminar. The session discussed the latest inflight connectivity network technologies. Another such lecture was How Digital Product Consolidation is Driving the Future of Business Aviation. It was a panel discussion that discussed the trend of digital product consolidation. Such included the operational benefits and difficulties of such consolidation. It likewise examined the effects integrated, cloud-based systems have on the industry. One session discussed the significant changes that the new US ESTA, EES and ETIAS will have on operators.

The Innovation Zone also featured two highlight lectures. One such session was the Supporting the Launch of AAM Operations Within Business Aviation. It discussed how business aviation could serve as the leading force for developing AAM through evolution. The second lecture, Safety in AAM, discussed how new technologies can be integrated while noting safety measures.

The Career Day Panels were a highlight of EBACE 2022 and comprised three sub-events. A panel discussion, a roundtable and a guided tour were part of the micro-events. The panel discussion was known as the Breaking Into Business Aviation. It featured young professionals, detailing how they entered the industry. They also advised on entering the industry as a recent university graduate. The roundtable was known as the University Roundtable. It provided information on writing a CV, interviewing, and networking. The guided tour was known as the Careers in Business Aviation Day: Guided Tour. It allowed potential young talents to meet and network with companies seeking recruits. All three sub-events took place in the Innovation Zone.

EBACE 2022 featured approximately 296 exhibitors from around 29 countries. They represented continents such as Europe, North America and Asia. Participants were quite pleased with their participation. This is due to the high quality of the visitors, presented innovations and event programme.