E-World Energy & Water 2022 -A Successful Edition With a Strong Participant Feedback

28 Jun 2022

E-World Energy & Water 2022 took place as a hybrid event between 21.06.2022 and 23.06.2022. It was held for the first time during the summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic was also the cause for the event to be hosted in a hybrid format. It comprised a face-to-face fair in Messe Essen, accompanied by a digital platform. The services provided by the platform included access to a matchmaking programme. Messe Essen did not incorporate strict safety measures. This was due to the removal of the domestic restrictions in April 2022. Organisers advised attendees to follow recommendations such as performing regular hand disinfection. Additionally, the venue featured expanded entrance and exit spaces.

“Solutions for a sustainable future” was the central theme of E-World Energy & Water 2022. The main topic was selected due to the importance of sustainability for the industry. The central theme was presented throughout the support programme in various forms. This included the debut of new sub-events. These were the Hydrogen Forum, hydrogen community booth, Prototype Club, and Future Conference. It additionally presented the theme via:

  • Customer Solutions Forum
  • Trading Forum
  • Infrastructure Forum

It also included the Career Forum as a distinguishing feature. The event's highlights further comprised the Congress programme and the Day of Consulates.

One of the novel additions was the hydrogen community booth. It allowed exhibitors to present their latest hydrogen-related services and products. It additionally enabled attendees to learn about this energy source. This includes its importance to the ongoing energy revolution. This included exchanging ideas and studying projects. The event succeeded in providing exhibitors who present such wares to gain recognition.

The exhibition was also among the highlights of the trade fair. It featured a diverse range of innovations throughout the various theme areas. The exhibitors included start-ups, leading companies, research institutions, niche players, and others. Among the leading theme areas was “Smart Energy” located in halls 4 and 5. It featured intelligent digital system solutions that aid in decarbonisation. Many of the exhibitors within “Smart Energy” were state-funded start-ups. This showed the importance of such innovative companies in promoting progress. Start-ups were also present in the “Innovation” area located in hall 5. Another highlight exhibition area was the “Trading Floor” in hall 1. It presented the latest developments related to stock markets and energy procurement.

Another novel addition was the digital Prototype Club. It enabled attendees to earn recognition and expand their knowledge. For the task, they could propose or learn about practice-oriented digitalisation solutions. The sub-event featured a prize in the form of up to 10,000 EUR for the highest-quality proposals. The reward furthermore featured follow-up company commissions for the realisation of the prototypes. Some of the solutions presented were heating market transformation prototypes and hydrogen infrastructures. Among the leading examples were the CoVerified and Zentur.io teams. They showed models for a simple energy management system. Additionally, the Prototype Club featured the Energy Innovation Night. This was an exclusive networking sub-event for CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, and others. It also included the Open Data Lounge and the Powercloud Speed-Hackathon. There were also various lectures:

  • Academy of Energy Economics—Energy Economics 2035, what needs to happen today?
  • Ferdinand Steinbeis Institute – Innovation Ecosystems
  • Network partner(s)—New way of sustainable working
  • Energy transition—Powered by digitalisation
  • Fraunhofer Center for Digital Energy

One of the novel sub-events to premiere was the Hydrogen Forum. It enabled attendees to learn about German and European strategies. This included the ones related to energy carriers. The programme additionally prompted networking via the lunch break. There were also lectures on energy sector investment and collaboration opportunities. After the sessions, attendees could take part in a business speed dating session. The presentations were held in German and English with simultaneous translation. The highlight sessions were:

  • The current progress of the European Hydrogen Strategy
  • The energy transition in Germany and hydrogen’s vital role in enabling the process
  • Releasing H₂'s potential—what framework does the market need?
  • Certification systems for low CO2 and green hydrogen
  • European market hydrogen procurement and production
  • Showcasing the HyNetherlands
  • Showcase Energiepark Bad Lauchstädt - the exemplary green H₂ marketing
  • The vital role of prime hydrogen projects in releasing the UK’s reduced carbon future
  • The German Heat Market and hydrogen
  • Can green hydrogen serve as a solution for sustainable urban mobility?
  • Developing a hydrogen filling station network

The Future Conference was also one of the new sub-events to debut during E-World Energy & Water 2022. On 21.06.2022, it opened the trade fair. It was hosted by NRW.Energy4Climate. It included expert talks, a panel discussion, afternoon specialist forums, and keynote speeches. The programme addressed topics such as hastening the climate protection and energy transition. Complementing the Conference was a dedicated stand in Hall 3, which remained open on 22.06.2022 and 23.06.2022. At the booth, attendees could learn more about the host organisation. Five hundred and fifty participants attended the premiere of the Future Conference.

The Customer Solutions Forum was one highlight of the E-World Energy & Water 2022. It focused on the ever-increasing importance of energy-related services and products. This included the novel B2B2C business areas known as renewable micro-power plants. The programme featured a variety of discussion panels. The highlight sessions were:

  • The green solutions for global challenges
  • The Swedish Sustainability Forum - hastening progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • The future municipal utilities - novel business areas, digitalisation and innovation
  • AI, digital platforms, and data exchange
  • Improving district heating networks using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Digitalising distribution networks
  • The energy system of the future

The Infrastructure Forum likewise served as a highlight of E-World Energy & Water 2022. It discussed topics such as energy-industry-relevant infrastructures. Such include the current and future grid, storage, smart cities and e-mobility requirements. The highlights of the Infrastructure Forum were:

  • The global energy transition trends
  • The French intelligent grid solutions - flexible power grid levers
  • Can municipal districts act as relevant testing and scaling areas for projects?
  • The role of electrolysis and green hydrogen as a leading power system technology
  • The digital infrastructure and the novel business models
  • Intelligent city application basics
  • Does battery storage have a vital supporting role in the energy transition?
  • Converging the mobility and energy sectors
  • Novel smart energy grid approaches
  • How start-ups can aid decarbonisation by altering the energy systems through cooperation
  • The challenges and business opportunities provided by the UK’s transition toward net-zero

The Trading Forum also served as one of E-World Energy & Water 2022’s highlights. It focused on topics related to stock markets and energy procurements. Such included the latest marketing strategies, renewable energy stimulation, emissions trading and forecasting. The sessions of high notability were:

  • Corporate green PPA design alternatives and perspectives for Germany’s economy
  • Trading and procurement strategies for the valuable commodity hydrogen
  • Enabling climate-neutral technologies via carbon pricing
  • Enhancing Europe’s energy transition via PPAs
  • The past, present, and future of European PPA markets
  • Systematic asset management (AM), ISO 55001, and grid loss prognosis methods
  • Energy trading AI forecasts
  • Are PPAs the pathway to Post-EEG commercialisation?
  • How to install renewables at 100% within Europe?
  • Using peer-to-peer (P2P) trading to individualise the energy transition
  • The current EU and national emissions trading developments and trends

The Career Forum likewise served as a highlight. It was hosted for the first time as a hybrid sub-event. It comprised a digital networking platform and the traditional face-to-face micro-event. On 01.05.2022, the digital aspect became active. The face-to-face section of the sub-event took place during the event’s official dates (21.06.2022 to 23.06.2022). It featured speeches, discussions, and networking opportunities for companies, young talents, and graduates. The topics included in the Career Forum were:

  • Five unsolicited advisory steps for XING, LinkedIn, and Co profiles
  • Onboarding changes caused by Covid-19
  • The office versus home office - working world developments within Energy Supply companies
  • What to expect when working in the energy industry?
  • Fit4Prax – gaining practical experience via online top company challenges

Besides the various Forums, E-World Energy & Water 2022 featured a diverse congress programme. It was held in the CCE West and CCE south conference centres of Messe Essen. It included sessions and conferences, such as:

  • Energy Services 2022. A comprehensive overview of the energy services market’s current developments
  • Scaling climate-neutral technologies and the role of intelligent and flexible grids
  • The Regional Forum Hydrogen - energy transition solutions
  • The challenges and available options related to utilities, climate neutrality and grid operators
  • Promoting climate-neutral building stock through partnerships. When the housing industry meets heat suppliers.

The Day of Consulates was also among the highlights of E-World Energy & Water. It took place on 22.06.2022 and discussed topics related to transnational cooperation. Around 50 ambassadors, consuls, consul generals, SMEs, and trade commissioners attended the Day. This included representatives from Iceland, Poland, Belgium, Japan, Nigeria, and Myanmar. This showed the importance of the sub-event in promoting international energy industry integration.

E-World Energy & Water 2022 showed the importance of the energy transition and supply. Approximately 15,000 visitors examined the wares of 736 exhibitors from 27 nations. It additionally featured over 50 conferences and forums. These re-established the event's importance as a platform for networking and information exchange. Feedback from the participant groups was quite positive. For instance, 94% of the visitors lauded the high concentration of market leaders. Additionally, 93% of the group also confirmed its attendance for the event's next edition. One in every four trade visitors travelled from abroad to take part in E-World Energy & Water 2022. Among the visitor countries were Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Also, 96% of visitors expressed high satisfaction with their attendance. The exhibitor group also showed high positivity. This includes 95% of them confirming their participation in the next edition.