Draw the Spotlight to You at LIGHT + BUILDING 2016 in Frankfurt

8 Mar 2016

Come to LIGHT + BUILDING 2016 to discover the latest innovations in the world of lighting and building services technology as presented by top manufacturers from around the world. It lasts for a total of six days kicking off on March 13th with a closing date on March 18th and the trade fair is going to attract over 2,500 exhibitors and 210,000 trade visitors. Most of them have already booked their hotels in Frankfurt, Germany, but there is still a chance to find rooms at great prices if you start your search now. Not sure whether you should go?

LIGHT + BUILDING 2016 Presents the Entire Spectrum
Whether you’re in the business of buying or selling, you’ll discover every single tech is being put on display within the spectrum. You have LED technology and smart grids to photovoltaic and electro-mobility gadgets. This creates the right market conditions to compare prices and products and land lucrative deals with the best manufacturers from each major sector. That’s not an opportunity to miss lightly. Have a product you believe in and want to introduce to a wider audience? This is the perfect launch pad.

You’re Designing the Future of Energy Use

The key focus of LIGHT + BUILDING 2016 falls on energy efficiency and the technological solutions presented tackle the problem of energy consumption in their quest to improve the quality of life. Among the presentations and displays, you’ll find smart system solutions and state-of-the-art design that will completely change the way we live and interact with spaces. Stay up to date with where your sector is heading and how you can remain relevant in the ever-changing business and technological landscape.

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