Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 – A Symbol of the Cosmetic Industry's Renaissance

13 May 2022

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna’s 53rd edition marked the event's successful restart. It also signified the renaissance of the cosmetic industry. The venue featured Covid-19 safety measures, which after 01.05.2022, were partially relaxed. The event received 220,057 visitors from 140 countries and more than 2,700 exhibitors from 70 nations. Many novel sub-events debuted at the event. The trade fair was held between 28.04.2022 and 02.05.2022 as a live event at Bologna Fiera.

To ensure the safety of the participants, Bologna Fiera implemented strict Covid-19 safeguards. The measures included many regulations, which, after 01.05.2022, were partially relaxed. Among the safety protocols was the 3G entry policy. According to the policy, attendees had to present documents such as proof of recovery. After 01.05.2022, it was lifted. This allowed participants to enter without the need for such documents. The safety measures also included the continuous supply of external air. The aisles of the event spaces were expanded as part of the social distance policy. The stand density was also reduced so that visitors could uphold the rule. Pre-registration via the booking of online tickets was also among the implemented measures. Furthermore, the event spaces were regularly sanitised before, during and after the fair. Attendees were also required to perform hand disinfections using the provided dispensers.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna featured an intense and diversified event schedule with many highlights. Many of them were novel sub-events or special projects. The highlights included:

  • the events dedicated to the Beauty & Spa and the Hair sectors
  • the World Massage Meeting
  • the Cosmoprof Awards
  • the CosmoTrends
  • the Cosmotalks
  • the CosmoFactory

The Special Projects were among the highlights of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna. They were a series of novel sub-events and additions. They provided attendees with ample opportunities to expand their knowledge and gain recognition. The Special Projects included:

  • CosmoTrends Future View 2022-2027
  • Beauty Tech
  • Business Solutions Village

Beauty Tech was a novel sub-event space dedicated to beauty technology companies. The area allowed such exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations. Such included new technologies, apps, product solutions, and marketing/sales tools. The area displayed exhibitors, such as:

  • Food and Flavors
  • Hooro
  • Mama Science
  • Lamacoppa
  • Ingeno
  • E-Ground
  • Prinker
  • Icon.AI
  • Mad for Nails
  • Kaiosid
  • Wild Beauty
  • Visage Technologie
  • Glosswire
  • Perfect Corp

Each exhibitor presented wares that furthered the industry in some manner. For instance, Food and Flavours presented a study proposal for marketing aromatic essences that can aid the cosmetics industry. Hooro showcased an app that enables the tracking of consumer habits via IoT. Mama Science displayed a method of developing active ingredients, additives and materials. Lamacoppa showcased hemp-based raw materials. It also demonstrated the techniques for their marketing and production. E-Ground presented eco-sustainable cultivation of natural product materials. Ingeno presented solutions for various health, beauty, and well-being problems. These are created using the results of extensive DNA studies. Icon displayed software and hardware solutions. These enable the development of additional and improved product/service functionalities. Perfect Corp showcased an AR app that analyses the results after using a make-up product. Mad for Nails presented a deep learning platform that creates perfect-fit custom nails. Kaiosid displayed an app that provides an instant consumer-brand link. Wild Beauty showcased a partner salon support platform. It allows the users to promote, sell and trade products with one another. Visage Technologie also presented a facial recognition software that "tries" make-up via AR. Glosswire showcased a brand amplification platform. It features diverse social media integrations and provides accurate data analysis.

The Business Solutions Village was also a novel addition to the event programme. It was an area that featured companies providing new business support solutions. This included ones that presented innovative solutions, such as:

  • consultancy
  • marketing service and research,
  • digital services
  • media
  • financial and insurance service offers
  • logistics
  • payment
  • sanitation system
  • professional training proposals

The Future View 2022-2027 was a new addition to the leading sub-event known as CosmoTrends. CosmoTrends is a dedicated micro-event held in partnership with BeautyStreams. It features experts from the partner presenting the current product trends. They perform the task by showing attendees the CosmoTrends Report. The speakers presenting the 2022 edition were Laura Ziv and Paulina Szmydke-Cacciapalle. According to the report, the products showcased eight trends. The trends were:

  • Bold and creative eyelashes
  • Intelligent delivery systems for augmented skincare
  • Tech-celeration as means to deliver precise and personalised beauty solutions
  • Water-conscious beauty formulations to promote sustainability
  • Honouring ancient rituals and ingredients to reconnect to the past
  • Increased incorporation of pleasure of use and sensation into beauty products
  • Incorporating holistic wellness into self-care products as means of reconnection
  • Using science to reimagine natural products

The Future View 2022 - 2027 examined the five societal macro-trends that will be present in the next five years. Leading speakers such as Lan Vu and Michael Nolte for the task examined seven fields. These were biotechnology, politics, economy, sustainability, design, art, and food production.

The CosmoFactory was one of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna’s highlights. It took place for the eighth time and presented the Six4all foundation. CosmoFactory was an initiative that showed the production stages of a cosmetic product. This includes:

  • creation and development phase
  • formulation of the ware
  • filling and packaging
  • retail and consumer experience

Six4all produces and retails a novel product with a neutral base and six selectable colours. The product enables the creation of a custom solution for each skin type. The design agency Centdegrés curated the installation. Several partners aided with the presentation:

  • Pink Frogs Comestics (base formula and six colours)
  • Marchesini group Beauty (machinery)
  • PennelliFari (drafting product brush)
  • Scandolara (primary packaging as an exclusive aluminium tube)
  • Seriplast A.T (sample size packaging)
  • Gatto Astucci (secondary packaging as a clutch that highlights product quality)
  • Stratasys (3D industrial technologies)

Attendees could sample one of the six colours at the related installation known as I LOVE SIX4ALL.

The dedicated beauty salon and spa sector events were also among Cosmoprof's highlights. Between 29.04.2022 – 02.05.2022, such specialists could attend various sub-events. This included the World Massage Meeting in Hall 28. It was where attendees could learn about innovative and ongoing massage techniques. International master masseurs and exponents presented the treatments. Among the novel techniques was cryo-massage, which involves using ice. The Meeting was organised with the aid of the European Massage Association and CIDESCO International. The sub-event featured live demonstrations, training workshops and advanced training sessions.

The Cosmo Onstage was another featured beauty salon and spa sector sub-event. It was a stage dedicated to the latest beauty salon and hairstyling innovations. It featured a new addition known as the Masterclass Project. The Project consisted of high-level training courses that were curated by training bodies and universities. The Project addressed and analysed in great detail the latest sector issues. This includes the increasing demand for safe, high-performance, personalised services/treatments. It also addressed the necessity for cutting-edge, high-quality centres. Attendees could learn about means to address such demands at the Project. This includes how to improve their management, communication, and professional growth skills. Additionally, they could learn about how to implement new techniques and services.

The Wunderkammer was also among the leading sub-events of the schedule. It was where attendees could examine the latest products, equipment, and treatments. This was achievable via the watching of exhibitor video contributions.

The hair sector also had access to a diversified sub-event programme. Notable features were the On Hair micro-event and the Hair Ring Selected. On Hair took place on 01.05.2022 and 02.05.2022 at pavilion 37. Pavilion 37 is a novel theatre that features a capacity of over 8,000 participants. On Hair presented leading hairstylist teams during a 2-day series of shows. This allowed the specialists to showcase their creativity and novelty and inspire visitors. The teams that participated in On Hair included:

  • Rudy Mostarda x Extrema Hair
  • Attilio Artistic Team
  • Mauro Galzignato W/KEMON CREW x Kemon
  • Hair Company Professional
  • Medavita Artistic Team
  • Z.One Concept International Artistic Team
  • Mimmo Laserra x Maletti Group
  • Paul Gehring x Vitality’s
  • Gogen Team x Alter Ego Italy
  • Gea Hair Academy
  • Fashion Mix x Xenon Group
  • Gianni Rando in collaboration with Alfaparf Milano
  • Josh La Monaca x Gamma Più
  • Graham Hill
  • Luxina Academy x Edelstein
  • Spaghetti’s

Hair Ring Selected was a stage dedicated to young talents within the hair sector. The edition featured 12 contestants showcasing their skill and creativity. The creations had to be based on themes selected by the fashion academy Next Fashion School.

The Cosmoprof Awards were among the highlights of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna as well. Curated by BeautyStreams, the sub-event lauds the fair's most innovative proposals. This includes best performing services and beauty products with high consumer impact. This grants the creators of such wares high recognition. The Cosmoprof Awards is divided into two divisions - Cosmoprof and Cosmopack. Cosmoprof features five categories:

  • Hair Product
  • Skin & Personal Care Product
  • Salon & Spa
  • Make-up & Nail Product
  • Natural & Organic

Cosmopack also features five categories:

  • Skin Care & Hair Formula
  • Make-Up & Nail Packaging Technology
  • Make-Up & Nail Formula
  • Packaging Design
  • Skin Care & Hair Packaging Technology

The Winners for each category and the causes for their recognition are as follows:

  • GAMA SRL for their iQ 2 (Hair Product)

The iQ2 hairdryer is ultralight (294g), compact, minimalist, yet high-quality. It incorporates innovations such as an intelligent brushless 110,000 rpm motor, Venturi Effects and Turbo Function. Removes moisture 30% more quickly than conventional hairdryer models, yet it does not harm damaged or fine strands.

  • Wellfully SA for their Réduit Boost (Skin & Personal Care Product)

The device increases the efficiency of the user’s skincare routine. It is created using the company’s patented electromagnetic transdermal drug delivery system. Boost comprises a compact device and a smartphone app. The machine scans the barcode of the skincare product to identify the active ingredients. After identification, it adjusts its waveform to push the ingredients to the correct skin depth. Afterwards, the system automatically selects a complementary LED treatment. The treatment enhances the active ingredients’ effects. The system also takes into consideration all relevant data when choosing the treatment. This includes skin type, specific skin conditions, climate and used products.

  • Glamlac LLC for their Lumisenses Led Eyelash Extension System (Salon & Spa)

An innovative eyelash extension curing system adapted to the ergonomics of the eyelash technician profession. The tools do not burden the hand, and the extensions can fit into every tweezer type and size. The LED light activates for 5 seconds, allowing the glue to cure upon pressing the pedal. The result is lasting and lightweight, without intense vapours or an unpleasant residue. The application also does not require extensive glue use. This is due to the solution achieving high-quality using two drops. The eyelashes do not stick together when the mixture is used. Adhesion is at a maximum level. Technicians do not have to take note of room humidity and temperature during use. Additionally, the glue does not activate after the customer showers.

  • Prinker Korea Inc for their Prinker M (Make-up & Nail Product)

Prinker M is a novel device that allows at-home printing of temporary tattoos on the skin. The inks comply with FDA and EU CPNP regulations. Printing the temporary markings is fast and non-complex. This allows users to perform the procedure at home without specialised skills or equipment. The inks are water-resistant and can last for 1 to 3 days, yet are removable via soap application. Users can use pre-determined tattoo designs. They can also create their own using a specialised smartphone app. The app then transfers the data to the portable printing device. The device is compact and lightweight, thus preventing hand strain or encumbering. It can also be carried in carriers, such as backpacks or handbags.

  • Beesline for their Deodorising Roll-on – Coconut – Wow* – Forever (Natural & Organic)

A novel compact tablet that becomes a water-free deodorant when dissolved in liquid. It is created from ethically sourced ingredients and tested on sensitive skin. The formula is concentrated to ensure maximum benefit and minimum waste production. It has a reusable and refillable package. Due to the compactness of the tablet and the container, the product requires less space.

  • Pink Frogs Srl for their Smart Rolling Sun Oil (Skin Care & Hair Formula)

An innovative sun-protection product that takes into consideration many aspects. This includes ensuring that the formulation is as ocean-friendly as possible. This is achieved by assuring that the formulation does not have harmful chemicals. Such include endocrine-disrupting sun filters, allergens, and physical organic nano-scale filters. The product is available in two textures: milk and oil. It envelops, protects, and hydrates the skin while leaving a light perfume scent. The package comprises a Roll-on twist & roll-on refill applicator for accurate and waste-free application. The product has direct application to the skin properties due to the container. The applicator is refillable and created from 100% PCR plastic. It is vegan friendly and has universal skin compatibility.

  • MYC Packaging Innovation for their Refill me! Mascara (Make-Up & Nail Packaging Technology)

A novel mascara case that is reusable and refillable, courtesy of an intuitive refillable system. The system comprises a removable cap, unscrewable collar, and an easy-to-pull-out cartridge. The empty cartridge is 100% recyclable. The product can be used for mascara, lash, eyebrow treatment, lip, and face products. It is compatible with twisted-wire and moulded fibre brushes.

  • Ancorotti Cosmetics Spa for their Delicate Leaf (Make-Up & Nail Formula)

A novel 99.99% naturally derived concealer with a waterless formula. The formulation consists of a skin-loving mixture of oils and butter types. The product is a vivid green colour created via chlorophyll dye. The concealer is super creamy, highly pigmented and high-coverage. This enables it to conceal undesirable redness and dark circles while being skin-considerate. The package is formed like a popsicle. It is adaptable and suitable for minimal and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

  • Asquan Group for their Essential Push Button Tottle (Packaging Design)

A multi-use packaging design whose construction allows holding and dispensing in multiple ways. This allows the tottle to be used for many product types. This includes colour application, complexion correction, skincare, and haircare. The design also enables easy refill and is created from PP.

  • Lumson for their XPAPER (Skin Care & Hair Packaging Technology)

A novel airless paper packaging. It blends innovation, technology, sustainability and eco-design. It combines a paper outer shell with the air-less pouch technology. The combination also enables the easy separation of the paper from the plastic for proper recycling. The packaging is lightweight, with the materials being easy to decorate. The technology results in a 41% reduction of produced CO2 emissions.

Cosmoprof 2022 also featured the Lifetime Achievement Award. It is granted to professionals and entrepreneurs with a significant industry contribution. The 2022 edition of the Award was granted to Dario Gianandrea Ferrari.

The jury for Cosmoprof Awards 2022 featured a total of 26 leading professionals. This includes industry experts, trend agency representatives, opinion leaders, journalists, and international influencers. This included notable members, such as:

  • Adelaide Portela
  • Becky Hall
  • Jane Henderson
  • Jeanne Tamayo
  • Jenifer Gerlach Martin
  • Jessica Cruel
  • Lan Vu
  • Liz West
  • Munnawar Chishty
  • Nyakio Grieco
  • Rosanna Gehring
  • Valentina Debernardi
  • William G. Koeberlé
  • Benedetta Suardi
  • Elie Papiernik
  • Emmanuel Hembert
  • Erika de Godoy
  • Gergana Baronin von Heyking
  • Jeb Gleason-Allured
  • Krystyne Biser
  • Michael Nolte
  • Nicky Kinnaird
  • Sarah Léa Chicheportiche
  • Stephanie Sheperis
  • Suzie Wokabi
  • Vincent Gallon

The Cosmotalks and similar sub-events were also a highlight of Cosmoprof. The Cosmotalks were once again the inspirational stage for exclusive content. During the sessions, attendees could learn about ongoing challenges and new trends. Each session featured a leading speaker such as Lan Vu or Giacomo Fusina. Cosmotalks featured a diversified programme. This included 11 panel discussions that debated five essential topics: future, markets, trends, sustainability, and digital.

Among the highlight lectures of the Cosmotalks and the similar sub-events were:

  • Stop age anxiety: challenging the youth-dictate
  • Numbers, trends, data for cosmetics
  • Finding your brand’s place in the metaverse
  • Track and trace in the cosmetics industry: how businesses look after their customers
  • Cosmetic industry toward new packaging
  • The importance of specialisation
  • Beyond E-Ecommerce
  • Packaging and product design 2.0
  • The cryo-dynamic massage
  • Bodyfulness: Our bodies reveal a lot regarding our emotions
  • Microblading - one of the most prominent cosmetic procedures in recent years
  • Fun-Ctionality: the new main motivator for beauty customers to experiment with restrictions
  • How a cosmetic with a natural connotation is born
  • The concept of holism today
  • Facial massage techniques for a wow effect
  • How biotechnology has become the future of sustainable attractiveness
  • Massage as a complementary component of spa developments
  • Communicating to attract: the possibilities provided by digital media
  • The situation of beauty salons after the pandemic: assessments and perspectives
  • Neuroselling for an innovative sales perspective
  • Power to the words
  • How corporate entrepreneurship boosts turnover and revenues while increasing customer satisfaction
  • No gender haircut
  • Humanistic cosmetics
  • Hair colour: how difficult is it to harmonise science and marketing?
  • The power of colour in make-up as emotional calligraphy
  • Improve your soft skills to become more effective at work

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022 featured over 2,700 exhibitors from 70 countries. It also included 220,057 visitors from 140 visitor countries. The edition represented the restart of the event and the renaissance of the cosmetic industry. More than 30% of exhibitors were first-time participants or long-term return attendees. The participants expressed pleasant surprise by the event’s ability to renew itself. Organisers were also quite content with the results from the event. One of the reasons for their satisfaction was the high exhibitor and visitor quality.