13 May 2016

If you’ve been following us for the past few months, you know our dedication to helping people discover the world through business travel. We’ve already introduced Frankfurt earlier this year, but we thought to expand the selection of events we present so you have a clearer idea as to how diverse the landscape truly is.

We bring you renowned exhibitions and trade fairs across different industries for you to select. If you don’t see your line of work represented, give us a call and we’ll show you what other events are out there!

Trade rules at AUTOMECHANIKA 2016, where between September 13th and September 17th you can see the entire supply chain for the automotive service industry represented thanks to the involvement of almost 5000 exhibitors. Be among them with a booth to register record direct sales or attend with the over 137,000 visitors to network, remain up to date with the latest trends or meet old clients.

PRO TIP: Don’t settle on the first possible hotel offer you find. Start early enough and weigh all your options, especially if you’re travelling as a group. Accommodation is a huge chunk of your expenses and you need to make sure you’ve cut the cleanest option. To speed along the process, just have Go Fair ltd go through all the options for you in a single business day!

FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR 2016 returns with a stronger commitment to international book culture as you’ll see from the participation of publishers from all over the world. Between October 19th and October 23rd, you have the chance to meet agents, editors and authors from all around the world. Filled with readings, panels and spotlights, it’s going to be an event you can’t miss if you’re involved in book culture.

PRO TIP: You might think just because you’re going on a business trip, you should keep it all professional, but given how intense these events turn out to be, a little leisure hurt no one. What we recommend is, hunt down hotels in the city centre. This way you’re not only close to means to commute to the exhibition centre, but also get to experience a little bit of the culture.

Fabrics, patterns and design of every aesthetic and tradition find their way at HEIMTEXTIL 2017, preparing for a launch on January 10th and a closing date on January 13th. Attendance is set to exceed 67,000 – all the more reason to be among them, whether you think to participate along with the close to 3000 exhibitors or seek to learn all the latest new trends and purchase the best fabric around.

PRO TIP: Consider the number of people involved in your journey. If you’re starting just now to engage in regular business travel, you need to resist the urge the whole company. Get only the people who will be of actual use in helping you whether it’s to get additional training or secure your booth and handle client meetings.

CHRISTMASWORLD and PAPERWORLD 2017 are a duo of event that goes hand in hand every year and next year, they’ll be hosted between January 27th and January 31st. Given their long history, they’ve become crucial meeting points for their respective industries where you’ll not only have a say in what new trends will win but also have the chance to build name recognition, chase sales leads and get direct sales by the masses.

PRO TIP: Location is crucial when it comes to your success. In general, you should look to be as close to the event as possible. A lot of other people will have the very same idea and you’ll have the great opportunity to cross paths of peers, experts, clients and potential new business acquaintances. Networking comes first in these events, but it’s effective most when done under natural circumstances.

After these special events, now let get to the broadest category there is – consumer goods! AMBIENTE GERMANY 2017 opens its doors on February 10th for five days closing on February 14th with close to 5000 exhibitors presenting you objects of beauty from gifts to accessories and furnishing for the living areas. It’s a heavily populated space with over 134,000 visitors expected to go, so don’t hesitate, and book a booth!

Has this introduction to Frankfurt as a business centre been helpful? We hope so! If you’ve not found your ideal match in these five events, no worries. We have plenty more in our database to point you in the right direction. Go Fair ltd also provides hotel rooms at great rates according to your financial ability and preferences. We organize your business trip in no time!