ChemSpec Europe 2022—Successful Restart With High-Quality Learning and Networking Opportunities

6 Jun 2022

Chemspec Europe 2022 marked the successful restart of the trade fair and its 35th edition. It took place as a live event between 31.05.2022 and 01.06.2022 in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The venue did not need to install a strict Covid-19 safety plan. This was due to the highly improved epidemiological situation in the country. The event received approximately 270 exhibitors from 28 countries on a total of 5,300 m2.

Messe Frankfurt served as the hosting location for Chemspec Europe in 2022. The venue did not feature strict Covid-19 measures because of the removal of the related national restrictions. Participants were highly encouraged to perform regular hand hygiene. The site maintained a high hygiene standard. This included frequent sanitation of the event spaces. The locale additionally received a continuous supply of external air. Organisers asked attendees to register online to reduce congestion risks.

Chemspec Europe 2022 featured three central themes. These were new trends, sustainability, and digitalisation. These were represented as the key topics of the various highlights and reflected the latest industry megatrends The event schedule featured four Theatres and the Innovative Startups Presentations. The four Theatres were held on both event days, while the Presentations took place between 14:00 and 17:00 on 31.05.2022.

The Chemspec Europe Lecture Theatre was one of the four Theatre highlights. It presented lectures that focused on the latest industry topics of interest. These included flow reactor technologies. They also featured sustainable innovations and the latest AI/quantum computing applications. The sessions featured leading experts like Sebastian Anton and Karen Harvey as speakers. The schedule included the sessions:

  • Climate neutrality is made possible by sustainable innovation
  • The Development of Flow Reactor Technology
  • Precious Metals: Risks and Rewards
  • Continuous synthesis to reduce energy and solvent usage
  • How to lower the impact of the apparel, footwear, and textile industry
  • Unprecedented challenges for the Chemical Supply Chain
  • Quantum Computing Applications in the Chemical Industry
  • How to Use Virtual Experimentation in R&D
  • What makes AI successful within Formulation businesses and how it is employed

The Regulatory Services Lecture Theatre was also among the distinguished event features. It featured seminars on the latest regulatory global chemical supply chain challenges. Among the speakers were Frederik Johanson and Monica Locatelli. The schedule featured the sessions:

  • Turkey KKDIK
  • The importance of audits in influencing chemical policies
  • Chemoinformatics in risk assessment: Progress and Challenges
  • Chemical Regulatory Management In China
  • Due Diligence and chemical regulations
  • REACH: updates on the new polymer challenge
  • The key things you should know about KKDIK's economic aspects
  • Chemical regulatory compliance in 2022
  • UK Chemical Regulation—Identifying a Route When Regulations Differ
  • Raising Regulatory from a Role to a Critical Business Partner

The Pharma Lecture Theatre presented the latest pharmaceutical trends, challenges, and outlooks. It included the Pharma Outsourcing Best Practices Panel. The discussion was distributed into two sessions held at different times. It featured leading industry experts and CROs/CDMOs engaged in contract research. The sessions included in the schedule were:

  • PM Powder catalysts for a more sustainable future
  • How to Reduce the Costs of Halogenated Compounds Thermal Oxidizer Operation
  • Enzymatic Amidation using an Immobilized Lipase – An Optimisation Case Study
  • Improving batch reactor productivity with continuous extraction
  • Analytical Method Development Streamlining with a Focus on Genotoxic Contaminants
  • Progress toward enhanced and low-impact flow processes
  • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)
  • Precious Metal Catalysis Advances for the Fine Chem and Pharma Industries

The Panel took place at 14:00 on 31.05.2022 and 11:00 on 01.06.2022. The sessions featured Robert Waltermire, PhD, from Madrigal Pharmaceuticals as the moderator. Four leading professionals presented insights during the lecture:

  • Marianne Späne from Siegfried AG
  • Sandy Cernick from Pressure Chemical
  • Olivia Boyce from SK biotek Ireland
  • Joachim Kaus from Curia Germany GmbH

The panel discussed the latest best practices in pharmaceutical outsourcing.

The Agrochemical Lecture Theatre reviewed the current market and provided future development insights. It was held with the aid of IHS Markit Crop Science. It was also organised with the help of the European Chemistry Partnering. There were speakers such as Jonathan Shoham present during the seminars. The lecturers represented various professional positions within the industry. Among them were leading manufacturers, suppliers, and experts. The event schedule included discussions, such as:

  • Global Crop Protection Industry Market Overview
  • Excellence in Life Science Industry Industrial Manufacturing Processes
  • Indian Agrochemical Industry And China-Plus-One-Strategy
  • Phosphorus recovery on an industrial scale
  • Equity market themes In European Chemicals

The Innovative Startups Presentations were one of the contributing highlights of the event. The Agrochemical Lecture Theatre served as the hosting location for the Presentations for the fifth time. It was held with the aid of the European Chemistry Partnering. It enabled startup companies to present their novel business models and ideas. The Presentations occurred as lectures, with many of the sessions featuring two or more sub-seminars. Dr Holger Bengs and Dr Marie Asano were among the speakers. The sessions included:

  • Bioeconomy—Short Presentations of International Chemistry Startups
    • Enzyme-based applications— Aminoverse B.V.
    • Making biosurfactants mainstream— AmphiStar B.V.
    • CSBR: Cashew Shell Bio-Refinery - Elmira Industrial Supplies UG
  • Scaling for impact (Dr Marie Hurtgen)
  • Digitisation—Short Presentations of International Chemistry Startups
    • Artificial intelligence for chemistry—ChemIntelligence
    • Remote monitoring of hazardous gas emissions—Grandperspective GmbH
    • Data-driven materials research as a service— ExoMatter GmbH
  • Bright prospects for Venture Capital in Chemicals (Rob van der Meij)
  • Green Chemistry—Short Presentations of International Chemistry Startups
    • Scalable Flow Reactors—Creaflow B.V.
    • Creating one-of-a-kind, CO2-neutral bioprocesses – COLIPI GmbH
    • eco-friendly pulp from pineapple plants—eco:fibr GmbH

Chemspec Europe 2022 marked the successful return of the trade show to hosting live editions. It featured 5,122 industry experts from 57 countries. The group included 287 exhibitors from 26 countries and 3,162 trade visitors. The nations with the most exhibitor numbers were Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, India, the United States, and China. The countries with the highest visitor numbers were Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, India, and the United States. The net display space at Messe Frankfurt for the event was 5,300 m2.