Ceramitec, Analytica, Automatica 2022 – An unusual yet highly beneficial coincidence

4 Jul 2022

Ceramitec, Analytica and Automatica formed an unusual yet synergetic coinciding trio in 2022. The events took place at the same time between 21.06.2022 and 24.06.2022 in Messe Munich. Ceramitec and Automatica 2022 were held as live trade fairs. Analytica 2022 occurred as a two-stage hybrid event. Ceramitec 2022, in particular, featured a high concentration of specialist participants. The venue did not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures. Participants expressed high satisfaction and joy from their participation.

Messe Munich served as the hosting location for the three coinciding events. It did not include Covid-19 safety measures because Germany removed its national restrictions in April 2022. Organisers recommended attendees wear FFP2 masks and maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres. They were also advised to perform frequent hand sanitation. The venue provided a continuous external air supply as part of its hygiene standards. As mentioned, Ceramitec and Automatica 2022 occurred as face-to-face trade shows. Analytica was held as a hybrid event consisting of two stages. The first stage was the live trade fair held in Messe Munich between 21.06.2022 and 24.06.2022. The second phase comprised the Analytica extended. This was a digital extension that was available from 25.06.2022 to 08.07.2022. It featured services such as virtual tours, product presentations, lecture highlights, and others.

Each of the three coinciding trade fairs featured at least one main topic. Ceramitec, for example, featured efficient resource usage and decarbonisation as its primary subjects. Each fair presented its themes throughout the support programme. This included the exhibitions presenting the latest related innovations.

Novel additions were also present at the trade fairs. For instance, Ceramitec 2022 featured two forums rather than its usual one. Halls C1 and C3 were where the forums were located. The sub-events featured over 30 slots of presentations and discussions. Climate neutrality, resource efficiency, and 3D printing were some discussed topics. The programme featured sessions such as “Rewrite the Rules: Inspiring Innovations in Ceramics.” Another example is “Time-to-Market Redefined: 3D Printing in Ceramics.” A leading speaker or company discussed each seminar, such as AM Ceramics.

Ceramitec 2022 also featured the Career Day Friday. This was a sub-event that occurred on 24.06.2022. The organisers presented information about available study options, employer expectations, and career paths. There was also one-to-one matchmaking between young professionals and exhibitors.

Analytica featured as its central theme the digital transformation within the laboratory. Like Ceramitec 2022, this was reflected through several highlights. These included the Digital Transformation Special Show. It presented digitalisation innovations such as automated workflows, networked devices and robots. The Digital Transformation Forum also attracted the attention of attendees with subjects such as Laboratory 4.0. It was one of the many forum-type highlights. The other ones were Biotech, Occupational Health and Safety, and Analytica. Like Ceramitec, Analytica also included a training and student information day. It allowed students to learn about the chemistry and biotechnology study fields.

Automatica 2022 included three chief topics. One of them was the future role of automation and robotics. The second key theme was the technologies that will affect tomorrow's work. The importance of AI was the third chief topic. Automatica 2022 presented these themes through various highlights. One of them was the Start-up Area, which featured innovative companies such as Node Robotics. The exhibition was another example. It featured wares such as the Franka Production 3 robot.

Another highlight was the munich_i Hightech Summit. It occurred on 22.06.2022 and featured the adage “Intelligence empowering tomorrow”. During the first live edition, attendees could gain information via live presentations. Leading robotics and AI visionaries held the sessions and discussed various topics. These included human and AI interactions as well as responsible technological changes. Additionally, they include warehouse automation, deep learning, and automated driving using AI support. Another highlight was the IIOT Conference, with subjects like digital twins, edge computing, and industrial IoT platforms. The AI.Society and I_space Forum was also another notable highlight. It presented prototypes and lighthouse projects from sectors like work, healthcare, and mobility.

The coincidence that occurred between the three trade fairs taking place was beneficial. It resulted in several cross-fair synergies taking place. These proved to be helpful to attendees. They could, for instance, further expand their specialist knowledge. They could also broaden their business networks by meeting specialists from related industries. This includes ones that specialise in quality control, laboratory analysis, and technology. They also incorporate ones that specialise in intelligent automation, robotics and autonomous production.

Each of the coinciding trade fairs received a relatively high number of participants. Ceramitec 2022, for instance, received 356 exhibitors from 34 countries. 63% of them represented a foreign nation. They presented their wares to approximately 10,000 visitors from 84 sovereign states. 58% of the trade visitors were from a foreign country. The event received a high concentration of key players, including companies like:

  • Bedeschi
  • Bongioanni Macchine
  • De Boer Ma-chines
  • Dorst
  • Eirich
  • Ceramic Applications
  • Pôle Europeen / Limoges
  • Grothe Rohstoffe
  • Grün sro
  • Imerys
  • Keramischer Ofenbau
  • Lingl Anlagenbau GmbH
  • Lippert
  • Lithoz
  • Maschinenfabrik Lauffer
  • Metalcertima
  • Nabalthec AG
  • Nabertherm
  • Netzsch
  • Osterwalder
  • Reimboldt & Strick
  • SABO
  • Schunk
  • Sibelco
  • Stephan Schmidt
  • Steuler
  • Tecnofiliere

Automatica 2022 also received a high number of participants. This included 574 exhibitors from 35 countries and over 28,000 visitors from 75 nations. The international visitor percentage was around 38%. The countries with the highest exhibitor numbers were:

  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • the Netherlands
  • Canada
  • the UK
  • the USA
  • France
  • Poland

Analytica 2022 featured 891 exhibitors from 39 countries. 45% of them represented a foreign nation. They presented wares to around 26,000 trade visitors from 114 sovereign states. The visitor countries with the highest numbers for the fair were:

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • the UK
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Slovenia
  • the USA
  • France
  • the Netherlands

The three trade fairs received high praise from the participants. Many cited the unanticipated yet beneficial synergy as a cause for their high satisfaction in attending the events. Another often-cited cause was the face-to-face networking opportunities.