Travel to Fairs Ireland vs Travel to Fairs Gmbh Germany

4 Feb 2022

Dear Clients and Partners,

We have recently been contacted by a couple of clients and hotels who have used the services of T2F GmbH.
They have lost their money due to the fraudulent activity of T2F GmbH (Germany). The latter has failed to comply with their contractual agreement with both clients and hotels.
Clients claim that they have paid for accommodation to Travel to Fairs GmbH (Germany) during trade fairs, however, there was no reservation made with the hotel on their behalf.
When they arrived at the hotel they had to pay for the booking again.
We have also received complaints from hotels who have not received payment for reservation services they have provided to clients of Travel to Fairs GmbH (Germany).
All communication from Travel to Fairs GmbH (Germany) has ceased since mid-2021. From the German registry, we can see that they have declared closure and bankruptcy in October 2020.

We would like to announce that Travel to Fairs Ltd (Ireland) is not connected in any way with this German entity named Travel to Fairs GmbH (Germany)!
We suffer only from this unfortunate name coincidence!

We present to your attention both companies’ details below:

1. Travel To Fairs Ltd. (Ireland)
Address 1st Floor, 9 Exchange Place, I.F.S.C., Dublin 1.
Company reg # 606790
VAT: IE3487741SH,
IATA- TIDS: 96040921
Tel: +353 (1) 5266593
Fax: +353 (1) 633 5856
E-mail: [email protected]
Managing Director: Tess Nolan
Here is the official Irish registry where you can check the information provided:

1. Travel to Fairs GmbH – this is not our agency
Address: Speditionstraße 1, 40221, 90 DE40545, Dusseldorf Germany
T: + 49 211 542 06280
F: + 4921154206289
Amtsgericht Düsseldorf HRB 91187
UstIdNr: DE337158590
Managing Director: Triadis, Dimitrios, Meerbusch, *26.11.1970
Here is the official German registry where you can double-check the information provided:;jsessionid=0514A2A355BFB24B285635D2B93A3565.web01-1

We are not connected and should not be mistaken with Travel to fairs GmbH.
If you have dealt with Travel to fairs GmbH previously and still need to communicate with them, please turn to The Official German Authorities.
The managing Director Dimitrios Triadis is also connected with several other German travel agencies -,+Dimitrios,+Meerbusch/dup; GLOBAL CITY TRAVEL LTD

Thank you for your understanding and your support!