BIOFACH Is Well Worth Your Time for These 10 Reasons

9 Dec 2021

Consumer habits have undergone a massive metamorphosis over the past two decades. With the rise in veganism and ethical food sourcing, the organic food industry has boomed and become a mainstream phenomenon. Previously confined to only slivers of populations, terms like organic, ethically sourced and vegan are now fully embedded into our vocabulary, which means only one thing – there’s a huge market to satisfy. In Europe, the trade show that unites the biggest regional and international decision makers is BIOFACH.

BIOFACH was created right at the onset of health trends in food and has captured all the trends in food and beverage since then. You have a rich history and an established network of contacts and the attendance numbers have been quite satisfactory. Last edition registered products from over 3200 international exhibitors. Visitors attendance reached 50,000 people and roughly half of them are foreign nationals, which positions BIOFACH as a highly international fair with great potential for cross-border sales. Even the BIOFACH Congress attracted 9000 attendees.

But what about internationality? Where do visitors come from? Of course, the EU takes a central place at the table with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland as chief examples. Otherwise, you have buyers from as far away as Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and China.

It's important to note that BIOFACH is not just interested in ready-to-buy products, but takes a look over the entire production chain. This is best reflected in the product portfolio. The exhibition halls display fresh and frozen foods, grocery products cooking and baking, grocery products snacks and sweets, grocery products drinks, other grocery products, non-food, technology and equipment, raw materials and supplies.

Regardless of where you place along the production chain, there is a good opportunity for you to shine as BIOFACH runs a public vote for the Best New Product Award. All trade visitors can vote for their favorites and you can go home with an award. The distinction gives a good boost when it comes to approaching potential buyers and sourcing qualified leads. BIOFACH is all about enabling companies to find their ideal match and do business.

Aside from the purely business opportunities, the trade fair has an amazing support program. The biggest highlight every year is perhaps BIOFACH Congress. The congress is the meeting point for NGOs, VIPs, associations, politicians and figures of public interest. Together they create real change and lay the foundations of reforms. You can definitely participate and dive deep into the most pressing issues of the day. In 2022, the overall banner will be Organic.Climate.Resilience. The topics will range from climate-friendly nutrition, packaging and zero waste to sustainability and the digitalization of the supply chain.

But this is only the beginning. The support programme has so much more to offer its visitors. If you are in a special niche, then there’s a high chance you’ll have a space all for your special group of products. BIOFACH has organised in previous editions World of OLIVE OIL, the World of WINE and the World of VEGAN. Each creates the necessary environment to thrive and create successful long-term partnerships as well as meet only with qualified sales leads.

If the congress is not exactly to your interests, then you can take advantage of all the other forums that take place and tackle a specific area pertaining to food production. There’s the Sustainability Forum (a review of effective strategies in minimizing human impact on the environment), Politics Forum (all about regulations and policies), and Science Forum (scientific advancement and their practical application). For German speakers, there’s the Forum Fachhandel, which is held all in and relevant to the region.

As we’ve shown, BIOFACH is a truly well-rounded event and a successful sales platform.