BAUMA 2016

10 Nov 2015

BAUMA 2016 is an exclusive platform, a unique and distinctive business arena. The major task and intend of the event is to showcase diverse and various spectrum of construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and equipment.

The long-anticipated and soon approaching trade fair is going to take place in Munich, Germany. The show starts on April 11, 2016, and continues till April 17, 2016. BAUMA 2016 is the most successful grand show which gathers local and international visitors and exhibitors employed and engaged in the building and construction business under one roof. The event welcomes and hosts decision-makers, service providers, and traders!

The organizers of the professional exhibition have put a lot of efforts and hard work to plan and devise. At the event, the exhibits are divided and grouped into separate theme-oriented sectors and in this manner, each area of the construction and building industry is richly represented. Four major and key divisions - all around construction sites; mining, extraction and processing of raw materials; production of building materials and component and service suppliers- are on the agenda.

Let’s take a quick and informative glance at each one of them!

The ALL AROUND CONSTRUCTION SITES sector exposes construction vehicles and machines, construction equipment and special systems, site installations.
The second component of BAUMA 2016, named as MINING, EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING OF RAW MATERIALS, focuses on machines for mining and for extraction of raw materials.
The PRODUCTION OF BUILDING MATERIALS segment represents machines for producing concrete products and pre-fabricated components, technology for producing asphalt, machinery for producing gypsum and line sandstone.
The COMPONENT AND SERVICE SUPPLIERS sector at BAUMA 2016 discover to the participants in the show fluid technologies, services, job safety, communication and navigation, as well as test, measurement and process control engineering.