Attending IBA 2015 Is Essential for Anyone in the Baking Industry

7 Jul 2015

Every industry reaches its high point for the year at a specialized event. IBA 2015 is the event for the baking, confectionery and snack industries. The data doesn’t lie – 1200 exhibitors and more than 70,000 international visitors speak of this exhibition’s importance. If you do work in any part of the supply chain, you should be present either as an attendee or a visitor.

IBA Brings You Up to Speed
IBA 2015 has three major focus points for its latest staging – coffee, snacks and packaging – and has prepared numerous educational events such as seminars and special training in niche areas. At the same time, you can join in on a free bakery tour that allows you to glimpse into the inner workings of some of the most successful bakeries in the city. Learn all the emerging consumer trends, market potential around the world and the ever elusive factors for success.

You Meet Rising Stars and Established Pros
The people are what make IBA 2015 so important. You get to meet international cult bakers, award-winning conductors, global food expert and renowned futurologists at the International Congress for the baking industry, which are willing to share their experience and do business! You stand to gain traction in one of the most dynamic industries in the world and make your name known to all the top professionals. Everyone you meet can become a potential partner or a customer. IBA 2015 is the platform to grow your business.

How Do You Get There?
Accommodation is an important factor to your success. You need to book hotel rooms that are in the right place and within the price range. Go Fair ltd presents you with custom offers that follow your requirements, so you can maximize the benefits of your attendance. You can also count on us to provide you with rent car options tailored to your individual needs.