An Intimate Look at ISM 2018 – The Sweetest Exhibition to Take Centre Stage in Cologne

9 Jun 2017

This month we’ve decided to do things differently and rather than review the upcoming trade fairs scheduled to take place in a specific city, we’re going to present one event in great detail. The reason we’ve decided to go down this route is simple – some trade fairs are simply bigger and it’s unfair to overlook their importance. Go Fair ltd also wants to shed light on how you as an exhibitor can prepare for an event of bigger proportions, because it’s an art form. We’ve selected a very exciting trade for our first feature – ISM 2018.

It’s been a main fixture in Cologne’s business calendar and every year sees growth in the fair program and its relevancy.

What do we mean by a big event?
Let’s look closely at the number of exhibitors and visitors a little closer.

Exhibitors: 1640 exhibitors and counting. Although in itself an impressive number, it doesn’t really give a real idea of how important this event is. Exhibitors here entail manufacturers and producers of biscuits, cookies, chocolate products, ice creams, snack food and breakfast food, but also companies from the entire value chain that offer machinery and services.
Exhibition Space: All these exhibitors are going to demonstrate technologies and present all their delicious edibles across every product category. This calls for a lot of space. Cologne has a rich history hosting trade fairs and has in the past houses ISM editions in 110,000 m² space. That’s a lot of competition for your brand and product in one place.
Visitors: The final and most important factor is, of course, the audience. Here you have more than 38,000 visitors filling the halls for the four-day program. These vary from confectionery, food and beverage wholesale, import and purchasing associations to trade chains, online food retailers, pastry shops, health food wholesalers and vending machine operators.
In short, you have a massive venue that’s going to be filled out with the entire global industry and you’ll have to compete for the attention of nearly 40,000 people. All this is happening in conjunction with ProSweets Cologne – international supplier trade fair for sweets and snacks.

It’s a tough task to stand out. While we can’t tell you how to close the most deals, break into new markets and beat out your competition, Go Fair ltd can help you plan your business trip so that you have the best fighting chance.

Read our simple guide in three easy steps.
38,000 trade visitors and 1640 exhibitors are big numbers, which means you need to hurry up in finding accommodation. You want your whole group to find accommodation in one hotel and you want strategic advantages of location, public service connections and good price. All this can be achieved, if you plan your stay today. Prices are still low and you’ve a better pick in properties.

Choosing where to stay is the most important aspect of your business trip. First, because you want to keep your short and simple. Nobody wants to wake up an hour earlier, catch a bus or a train, and travel for 20-30 minutes to the exhibition centre. You’ll find it difficult to set up your booth at the start of the event, not to mention the additional costs and reliance on public transport time sheets. Another thing to think about – the hotels closest to ISM 2018 are going to attract the most visitors, which means potential networking opportunities at all times.

Sometimes, financial restrictions will make it rather difficult to make the most optimal choice in selecting your accommodation. It’s more cost-effective to stay in a hotel where you can get to the trade fair on foot, but those strategic venues are often more expensive. Sometimes, it’s a better deal to find a small, cheaper alternative in the outskirts or residential districts and then simply commute. You might also want to consider different room types – doubles are cheaper than singles, apartments can take larger groups sometimes and cost less per night per person. Be sure you’ve chosen the optimal number of people as well. Cut the fat where you can!

This template gives you a better chance to make a bigger impact at ISM 2018, reap benefits in every aspect of your business trip and optimize your finances. Are your suitcases out on the bed and waiting for the trip? Go Fair ltd has a large database of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-star properties all over Cologne. Tell us what you need and the rest is easy.