1 Apr 2016

Another month comes and with it, new destinations to add to your professional calendars. We will forever advocate for businesses to get out there and make a splash the good old-fashioned way: packing your bags and heading to where everyone else is. You’ll discover nothing ever comes close to actually speaking with colleagues, business partners and customers face to face and build a sound foundation for your company growth. Forget about social media, phone calls and emails just for a short while!

Right now, the event’s calendar in Munich is already in full swing and we’ll be sure to point you in the general direction of some of the biggest exhibitions, trade shows and conferences in 2016 and 2017 across different industries.

We do this to show you the possibilities and really understand there is a place for your product and service, where you can introduce yourself to a bigger, more receptive audience and grow in size and reputation. Modern travel and technologies make it a bit easier for middle and small business to carve a niche for themselves and succeed!

Right, now let’s move on to our selections!

You’ll have the chance to connect with over 35,000 trade visitors involved in the medical and laboratory sectors. Scheduled to commence in May, ANALYTICA 2016 is set to break all the records in attendance and innovation where laboratory technology, biotechnology and modern analysis are concerned. Welcome the future with arms wide open and stay ahead of the curve!

PRO TIP: The key to success when it comes to business travel is always having a plan. The earlier you start with travel preparations, the better deals you’ll encounter for Munich hotels and you’ll have the best selection early on. This way you can achieve more with a smaller budget.

IFAT 2016
Another technological event on our list, IFAT 2016 takes on the current challenges faced by the environment and here you’ll find potential answers via the latest in environmental tech and services. Over 3000 exhibitors have confirmed their attendance along with over 135,000 trade visitors, making it an event no professional involved can’t miss.

PRO TIP: Travelling as a group? Think long and hard whether you need everyone you’ve considered so far. If this is your first business trip as a company, you might feel inclined to get a larger team in order to present yourself better, but trust us – more isn’t always better. Consider who’s invaluable for your goals and invite only them.

We continue the tech trends with ELECTRONICA 2016 - an exhibition dedicated to domestic and engineering aspects of technology. You’ll be able to find a wide range of products from PCBs and semiconductors to sensors and plug connectors, while the goal of the program is to design smart homes and connected cars. A potent place to forge new business relations and make impressive sales – you should definitely book a booth or attend as a guest!

PRO TIP: Starting early with your planning means you have a better pick of hotels close to the exhibition grounds. However, if you’re starting late and all the good spots are booked or the remaining rooms have been priced up, go for residential areas with good public transport connections. You save money and get to enjoy some local flavor.

Adventure, fun and unparalleled business opportunities await you at ISPO MUNICH 2017 – the premier exhibition for sports and the outdoors. Witness the latest trends in equipment and gear form. Make sure you’re at the forefront with your wares and close deals with the most important manufacturers and distributors in the world!

PRO TIP: Small companies might consider business travel out of their financial ability, but sure you can afford it! For instance, don’t hesitate to pair up groups together to minimize your costs. Triple rooms are available in some hotels and are often a good alternative to doubles or singles!

Returning to technological and environmental events, INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2016 serves as a focal point for legislators, scientists and engineers to collectively work on the current challenges faced by the solar power industry. Apart from business networking, you’ll have the chance to receive the most advanced specialist knowledge in the field.

We’re coming to a close with our list. The events presented right now are evenly spread over the year, but there is plenty more happening. Have we missed your specific industry? Be sure to give us a call and we’ll direct you to the event most beneficial to your needs!