AMBIENTE GERMANY 2017 Dictates Taste & Style at Home and in Your Life!

20 Sep 2016

AMBIENTE GERMANY 2017 has positioned itself firmly in the international scene as one of the major trade fairs dedicated to the consumer goods sector. We’re talking an unrivalled in-depth examination of the market that represents every product category from dining and living to giving and lifestyle. The trade fair will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, spanning the period February 10th until February 14th with more than 4000 exhibitors launching products, meeting existing clients and shaping industry trends. The audience is expected to exceed 136,000 trade visitors – an untapped pool of resources to elevate your business.

Break into New Markets with Ease
As a marketplace, AMBIENTE GERMANY 2017 is invaluable for manufacturers who want a warm reception, especially if they’re about to debut a new product. Sales spikes are a given – a reason why many decide to go there in the first place, as the trade fair attracts whole buyers, distributors and logistics companies. You have a chance to woo new markets, discover your direct competitors and find out what’s selling best across every product group from storage and houseware, table designs to accessories, jewellery, interior and decoration!

Venture into Ecological Trends
AMBIENTE GERMANY 2017 values sustainability as can be seen in the Ethical Style sector at the trade fair. This area will present the latest in sustainable products, which bear a distinct ethical label. For the duration of the trade fair, visitors have the chance to get acquainted with the Ethical Style Guide and information on how your company enter this sector. Topics upon discussion include eco-friendly materials, eco-optimized production, recycling and upcycling design, fair and social production, and handmade manufacturing.

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