All You Could Ever Hope to See and Learn about Agriculture and Animal Breeding at EUROTIER 2018

27 Jun 2017

EUROTIER 2018 brings in more than 2300 exhibitors to Hannover, Germany for a packed, dynamic international exhibition encompassing the needs, challenges and solutions the agriculture and animal breeding sectors. Programming runs for four days between November 13th and November 16th. Attendance rates are projected to go well over the current highest number – 156,000 trade visitors.

A Comprehensive View over the Entire Supply Chain
The numbers above prove EUROTIER 2018 is an outstandingly popular and important event and you can see why. Exhibitors showcase everything from machinery and technology to the latest in practices, techniques and feeds. Exhibition categories cover breeding animals, breeding programmes, trade, reproduction technology, feed and other farm inputs, animal housing and shed construction, husbandry and feeding techniques, controlled environment and environment technology, milking and cooling technology. The list goes on – whatever your specific area of expertise is, you can find a reasonable platform to shine and stay well informed about future developments.

Innovation Award EuroTier & the Many Forums Await
Exhibitors with an entrepreneurial streak in them can sign up for the Innovation Award part of the program, which distinguishes and rewards forward-thinking achievements. If you’re not a future inventor, you can put your energies by signing up for the informative forums that run alongside the trade fair. There are four distinct forums that concern themselves with specific challenges and advancements in animal husbandry: the Cattle Forum, the Pig Forum, the Poultry Forum and the Aquaculture forum.

Now Is the Time to Take Steps to Attend
EUROTIER 2018 is heavily visited (156,000 trade visitors) and that creates a natural race and pressure to find hotel accommodation that’s tailored to your budget and needs. Exhibitors, in specifics, need a hotel positioned closer to the exhibition grounds. You don’t have to spend all your free time reading through every hotel offer. Go Fair ltd secures you accommodation that meets all your standards!