A World of Jewels, Stones and Precious Metal Glimmers at BASELWORLD 2018

5 Sep 2017

It would be easy to describe BASELWORLD 2018 as simply an international trade fair where jewellery and watchmakers meet clients to sell their lines. The show is much more than that – it shapes the course of the watch and jewellery industry, brings in innovation and decides on what is going to be in vogue. It’s one of the most impressive events that’s been organized in Basel, Switzerland for over a century now. Programming this year begins on March 22nd, goes on for a total of six days and wraps up to much excitement on March 27th.

No one active in these circles can afford to miss out on this show and here’s why.

BASELWORLD 2018 Has a 100-Year-Old Legacy
You’re not just entering a marketplace. BASELWORLD 2018 has grown past this phase ever since it first opened in 1917 with only 29 brands participating and trying to build good faith. Now it’s its own ecosystem and institution that has garnered respect and trust. After all, let’s look at the numbers. Just last year, organizers registered 106,000 buyers who attended the fair – a mighty reason to become part of the program.

The Entire Industry is Represented and Integrated
If you think the attendance is impressive, you have to look at the exhibitors, who cover every niche and adjacent industry. You have your jewellery and watch designers and brands who’re debuting new lines, but at the same times, you have suppliers of diamonds, pearls, gemstones and precious metals. Other exhibitors present and demonstrate innovative machines and tools essential in the manufacturing process.

Next March Is Fast Approaching – Better Start Planning Your Trip
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