A Brief Look into the 2018 Event Calendar in Norway

24 Nov 2017

We have circled central Europe and taken you South many times, so it makes sense that sooner or later we’d have to bring you up to chilly Scandinavia. This week we’re shaking things up as we are not focusing on a city, but looking at a country – Norway. You’ll note that we’re keeping it short and to the point. The two events we’re profiling are at two very different opposites – one dedicated to the fishing industry and the other dealing with the issues surrounding offshore energy.

Remember, this is only a small taste of what Go Fair ltd has to offer in terms of events. You’re able to browse plenty more in our database. For further information on trade fairs and hotel accommodation, you can always give us a call and consult on your future travels. And now, let us move on to the main event:

Navigate the Currents of Trends and Innovations for Fishing at NOR-FISHING 2018
Trondheim, Norway is going to host one of the most respected trade fairs that cater to the needs of the fishing industry – NOR-FISHING 2018. This specialist event displays you what’s new in fishery, ship and fishing equipment as presented by more than 500 exhibitors starting in the middle of August. The product range is broad – electronics, vessel design, gear development, onboard handling and in the production of value-added products. Right now, organizers have placed attendance to stand somewhere at 15,000 industry insiders.

Construct a Strong Foundation for the Offshore Sector at ONS 2018
The second international trade fair arrives in Stavanger, Norway at the tail end of August and it’s going to work towards innovations and changes in standards where the offshore energy and oceanography fields are considered. ONS 2018 has some spectacular numbers with the latest edition in 2016 bringing in over 1200 exhibitors and 65,000 trade visitors. Those are serious numbers and the event is pretty comprehensive. The program is rich and features the respected ONS conference, Technical Sessions, ONS summit and an event that targets students!

In case you’ve met the trade fair that interests you, you can move onto the next important step – placing hotel reservations! Go Fair ltd has working relationships with numerous properties in both cities and gives you the opportunity to cherry pick the most exciting deals based on your budget. Before anyone else! Just give us a call and you can have a reservation by tomorrow!