9 Things to Enjoy About ALL4PACK

22 Oct 2021

Whatever sector you operate in that’s related to packaging and logistics, there’s one trade show that makes all the difference to your bottom line and that’s ALL4PACK. Based in Paris, France, this international trade show is held once every two years and unites all related industries under one roof. It’s the best marketplace to meet with significant buyers and source new innovations that are connected to Industry 4.0.

Editions are large in scale. The last edition registered over 1350 exhibitors and 80,000 trade visitors from all over the world. During its run, ALL4PACK saw well above 500 business meetings take place. Buyers have access to just about every major product category by material – plastic, wood, paper, metal, glass and alternative materials. There’s application for just about every industry like food and beverage, personal care and beauty, luxury goods, pharmacy and health, handling and intralogistics sectors.

ALL4PACK is the right business platform for any player at any point in the processing chain and that’s supported by recent statistics. Organisers are proud with their 90% satisfaction rate among visitors in regards to the type and quality of contacts they’ve managed to create. This is in no small part thanks to the fact that 75% of visitors are responsible for purchasing in some capacity. Want to break into a new market? ALL4PACK has a growing share of foreign nationals. Currently, the level of internationality stands at 35% international visitors. Out of them, 21% represent African markets.

You also can’t miss it, because ALL4PACK has some of the biggest companies in the world come in looking for solutions such as Procter & Gamble, PSA, Hyundai, Ikea, Isautier, Isover, Jacomo, Cartier, Bosh, Renault, Restagraf, Rians and Richemont.

Sustainability has become priority number one for ALL4PACK Paris and organisers have made it front and centre for future editions. How? By starting the Objective Zero Impact space. This is the designated area where visitors can introduce themselves to initiatives with a positive impact. It’s a place for establishing meaningful connections. OZI is a hybrid event without any existing equivalent as it combines the traits of think-tanks and exchange platforms.

It runs throughout the entirety of the trade show and aims to revolutionize how we even think about packaging. That’s why it’s the perfect platform for startups to establish a presence and grow their target audience in an organic way.

ALL4PACK wouldn’t be the same without its conference programme. You’re treated to debates, talks and lectures from the most knowledge people in the industry. The ALL4PACK Conference is divided into four tracks – Packaging, Processing, Printing and Logistics. It’s where you’re able to learn all about new regulations and standards as well as see experts analyse the most pressing issues facing the packaging sectors.

There will be talks on eco-design, circular economy, end-of-life and the application of this packaging revolution on sectors like the food industry, e-commerce and pharmaceuticals. If you’re in a specialized industry like pet packaging, then the PETnology Europe Conference is where you should head. It’s a specialized conference that takes place under the umbrella of the ALL4PACK and has had 25 highly successful editions. Topics range from alternative to current pet materials to circularity and the future of recycling?

Speaking of innovations. You can’t miss out on ALL4PACK INNOVATIONS, which is essential viewing. A qualified jury selects the most creative and revolutionary products and technologies that deserve the distinction of earning the highly coveted ALL4PACK medal. Last edition there were over 300 products entered into the competition, but only 46 innovations managed to get any recognition and wound up on the INNOVATIONS showcase area for potential buyers to review.