9 Reasons Why FRUIT LOGISTICA Is Worth Your Visit

3 Jun 2021

No matter where you’re positioned in the fruit logistics supply chain, FRUIT LOGISTICA is the one trade show that gives you the best vantage point to see over emerging trends. Over the years the trade event has naturally become the central meeting point for exhibitors and buyers on the territory of Europe. As an exhibitor, a booth at FRUIT LOGISTICA translates into not just targeted sales leads, but also access to knowledge.

The very first reason to consider your attendance is access to detailed reports. Two reports – on emerging trends, and the European market post COVID-19 – are free, but it’s the fourth edition of European Statistics Handbook available only for registered exhibitors and trade visitors is a true treasure.

You get in-depth information on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the fruit and vegetable market as well as how the market has changed now that the UK is out of the EU. In the end, you return home with time-sensitive data, which is more than useful in planning your next move.

FRUIT LOGISTICA is based out of Berlin, Germany and kicks off the fiscal year with editions at the start of February. The trade show has consistently demonstrated its power to generate business. In previous editions, the exhibition halls of Messe Berlin have seen products from 3200 exhibitors and 78,000 trade visitors. These numbers speak of a dynamic environment focused on getting supply to demand.

As we mentioned, the whole supply chain is laid out and ready to be explored. There are broadly four categories of products – fresh products (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers), technical systems (cooling systems, POS installations, bulk container, ripening equipment), logistics (fruit terminals, customs clearance services and transport systems) and services (quality control and certification, food safety control, market research).

What draws in exhibitors is the access to major buyers, who come for the explicit reason to make direct purchases, investigate new products and network. The audience is quite diverse as you get to interact with fruit and vegetable growers, retail trade, importers, exporters and wholesale trade. The number of international visitors is 85% of all in attendance, and FRUIT LOGISTICA has cast a wide net across regions beyond Europe. Trade visitors fly in from as far away as East Asia, South America and Oceania.

We’re moving away from the economic reasons to attend and go into programming. Each edition comes prepared with exciting support items. The biggest generators of business for all involved is the Fruitnet World of Fresh Ideas. You attend this platform in order to have a relaxed atmosphere for networking and business between companies.

On the purely informational side of the equation is the Fresh Produce Forum. The forum takes a deep dive into the challenges and issues faced by the industry. As with most food-related sectors, environmental concerns are at the top of the program. How has climate change affected growing cycles and produce production? How can farming and growing be done sustainably? How can the water shortages and concerns be overcome? These are the questions posed at the forum.

The FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award – or else known as FLIA – elevate those innovators to a higher standard. The award is bestowed upon the ten best innovations across all links in the supply chain. An expert jury is selected each year and they have the responsibility to select the winners.

Keeping in line with innovative solutions and technologies, there’s the Tech Stage, which is open to all trade visitors. Over the course of FRUIT LOGISTICA, this area will showcase new, cutting-edge technologies mainly towards the end of the supply chain. The Tech Stage explores how the trends of automation and digitalization affect packaging and logistics. Learn all there is about tacking systems, POS sales technology, weighing systems and merchandise management systems.

FRUIT LOGISTICA builds a solid case as to why it’s the best possible trade show worth time and effort on your side.