9 Definitive Reasons Why DSEI Is the Leader for Defence & Security

22 Jun 2022

London makes complete sense as the host for a leading international exhibition for the international defence and security sectors. After all, Britain is known as a world power with military forces and a navy that have historically proven themselves over and over again. As a meeting point between the West and the East, DSEI functions as a source of knowledge regarding policy and a sourcing platform for military tech and safety technology.

DSEI commands respect across all related industries. Both the public and private sectors have all their significant buyers attend. Military personnel, government officials, national delegations and security professionals make the bulk of visitors. If you’re interested in meeting military buyers and influencers, DSEI makes your ambitions into a reality. Plus, the quality of visitors also extends to the quality of speakers at the many side events.

The roster of speakers at the forums and conferences goes from the Chief of the General Staff at the British Army and the UK Minister for Defence Procurement to the Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States Army, CIO at the CIA. What you’re about to hear comes from the most powerful players in the defence and security industry. That’s experience and insight that you won’t get at any other trade shows in the world.

The Aerospace, Naval, Land, Security and Joint Zones share between each other 60 product groups that span the entire world of defence technology. Weapons, vehicles, tactical equipment, first aid equipment, infrared systems, radar equipment, ammunition, surveillance, emergency equipment, electronic warfare and telecommunication systems. These are provided from the biggest names in military and defence manufacturing – Nammo, Qinetiq, Babcock, MBDA, BAE Systems, Patria, THALES, FUJITSU, VOLVO, Chemring Group and Fincantieri.

The numbers speak for themselves as on average over 1600 exhibitors present and demonstrate their offerings and editions regularly host 40 international pavilion. The audience regularly stays at around 35,000 trade visitors.

What’s more remarkable is that each zone has its own forum that provides trade visitors with the rundown of each specific market. The forums are incredibly flexible and vary keynote speeches and panel discussions with expert interviews and data-drive case studies. This way you get to hear multiple points of view and get the full picture within your sector.

One of the most interesting things that DSEI does is pair exhibition areas with a supporting event. Within the broader zones you’ll find smaller hubs that group together specific technologic. In the most recent edition, there are four hubs – Future Tech (Cyber Security, Networks & AI, Communications, Digitalisation), Manufacturing (supply chain support), Medical (latest life-saving equipment) and Space (space and communications technology). In addition to these specific hubs, organisers have built DSEI Hub Theatres that target medical technology, manufacturing and space technology. Each theatre lays the groundwork for product launches and demonstrations.

Although business and networking come first, DSEI still has a flair for theatrics especially when it comes to the opening ceremonies. In previous years, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, took to the skies to perform intricate and daring maneuvers. Once you take your eyes off the clouds, it’s time to bring them to the waters. DSEI is regularly visited by international ships and some of the most recognizable ships from the Royal Navy, which not only create atmosphere but also showcase technology in action. Be sure to check out one of the many live demos.

DSEI continues to adapt to current events and the pandemic served as the spark to embrace more digital tools. As a hybrid exhibition, DSEI invested in its DSEI Connect digital platform, which initially went up during the early days of the pandemic. This platform makes sure you stay in touch with the most important contacts and suppliers on your list. The networking features are superb such as the MeetMe tool for scheduling appointments and there’s content on demand as well. Keynote speeches will be streamed live and then available on demand. The platform can be accessed for seven weeks total during and around the physical event.