8 Reasons Why Scanpack Is the Beating Heart of the Packaging Industry

21 Apr 2022

Scanpack takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden every three years and since 1964 has become a very important trade fair for the packaging industry. Now that the global shipping industry is truly in its swing, no small thanks to soaring numbers in online purchases during the pandemic, Scanpack has captured the attention of big international players.

Northern Europe’s number one packaging trade fair creates the perfect conditions to raise your profile and make yourself known to a broader audience. The Turbo Talks are the perfect tool to get your products to the right buyer in record time. Participants take to the stage and in 2 minutes have to pitch their products and services.

There’s everything on offer at Scanpack. The trade fair is home to the entire value chain – active and intelligent packaging, packaging materials, packaging machinery and equipment, labelling and marking equipment, consumer packaging, design, automation, packaging printing, logistics solutions and automation equipment.

Scanpack has a wide international reach. Of course, it predominantly services the Northern region of Europe. Think Scandinavian countries and EU members. But over the years this has changed so now you can more easily come in contact with trade visitors who have travelled from Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China and India.

Even better, you have a fantastic concentration of decision makers. The top reason why people visit is to source new suppliers and purchase. The audience is made of 21% visitors that are fully responsible for purchases, 31% co-managers and 30% advisors in their respective companies. Organisers share that 82% of visitors made new business contacts at Scanpack.

Programming at Scanpack always has something to offer in its programming. In 2018, organisers had the Swedish Research Institute (RISE) bring in their ideas and approaches to sustainability. RISE is heavily involved in all matters of the circular economy and how to reduce waste, and then showed their vision and practical know-how. Visitors could attend four educational seminars that were made part of the Scanpack Academy education platform. The education platform is one of the new additions to the trade fair.

Innovation is everywhere around Scanpack! If you’re one of the companies that are pushing limits in your field, then the best place for you during the event is Scanpack Pioneers. It’s an arena for new strategies and new business models. There’s no denying the fact that the packaging industry is growing and evolving so fast. The Scanpack Pioneers supports the startups that will one day transform the industry by highlighting their work and introducing them to investors. The quality of matchmaking is out of this world and the stage program touches upon new materials, AI IoT, robotics and design.

Perhaps the crown jewel of the support program is the Scanpack Summit. This strategy conference occurs during the first day of the trade fair and sets the tone for the rest of the event. All the top players in the packaging industry – decision makers, innovators, researchers and politicians – meet together to catch up on their successes during the past three years and see what needs doing today. The focus of the conference falls on research, technological advancements, sustainable solutions and how to create a fully functioning circular economy. Anna-Lena Friberg, Business Manager at Scanpack expressed how “we see a great need in the industry. The questions of transition are urgent. At Scanpack Summit we make room for the important issues.”

After a hard day’s work and networking, everyone needs a drink. You’re in luck, because you can enjoy the company of your peers at the After Work with Scanpack function. All you need to do is go to the Gothia Towers and find the lobby bar, Twentyfourseven, which is located at Tower 3. First drinks are served at 4:00 pm and the bar ends service at 9:00 pm.