7 Things to Bring You to EUROBIKE

27 Sep 2021

EUROBIKE is the very best source of inspiration and procurement platform for the bike industry on the territory of Europe. Editions are held annually in Friedrichshafen, Germany and manage to unite every related sector to cycling and mobility. Whether it’s for sport or city transportation, the bike has become even more important in the past few years given the demands for social distancing during the pandemic.

Major exhibitors are in the perfect position to take control over market trends and expand their clients lists in a major way. Attendance statistics are some of the best in the world. Show booths display products and equipment from 1,400 exhibitors from 48 countries. During the five days of the event, organisers register some 37,000 trade visitors from 96 countries. Exhibitors tap into the nearby markets of Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, but can also expand their reach to Hong Kong, China, South Korea, the USA and the Canary Islands.

EUROBIKE represents the entire value chain when it comes to cycling. Product categories extend to complete bikes, bicycle accessories, bicycle tools, cycling clothing, helmets, repair equipment. It’s easy to discover new products tailored to a buyer’s preferences and areas of interest thanks to the presence of Special Areas, which organise the product portfolio into dynamic hubs. Exhibitors can join in on Holiday on Bike, Service Area, Blogger Base, Cargo-Area, Demo-Area, E-mobility, Kids Area, BMX Freestyle & Drop and Roll, Start-up Area, Roadbike & Performance Area, Gravel & Adventure Area, and E-cycling Area.

If you want an additional seal of approval for your products, then you definitely want to sign up for the EUROBIKE Awards. Competing for the winner status and start-up award are excellent ways to get your due attention at the trade show. Awards are a guarantee for better performance in terms of sales and are a reliable barometer for quality and market preferences.

Do you wish to learn more about your specific sector? What are the top experts in your field saying and advising? How do you prepare for the uncertainties of a post-pandemic world? You’re in luck as the EUROBIKE ACADEMY gives you in-depth business information free of charge. You’ve your choice between talks, workshops and seminars that target every link in the value chain. They are appropriate for retailers, manufacturers, development managers and bike technicians.

Alongside the business potential and procurement platform, EUROBIKE is also a natural hub for staying up to date with new trends and connecting with experts. One of the biggest draws for visitors is the BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION, which is dubbed as the Conference for Visionaries. Here top experts take to the stage to discuss aspects of bicycle business in the context of a post-pandemic world. What do we do from here on out? What’s groundbreaking in micomobility? What are the political dimensions of promoting bicycles as a mode of transportation? You’ll learn all this and a lot more.

Speaking of the future, mark your calendar for the Start-Up & Innovation Day, which is a favorite tradition among visitors who want to see disruptors and entrepreneurs take on the bike business to a whole new level. It’s a single day where startups take up the stage, which for new companies is a great way to promote their concepts and find relevant financing and cooperation. Startups also get to enjoy a full day’s worth of programming on the practical aspects of jumpstarting a business and navigating the current market.

Bikes and tourism often go hand in hand, and EUROBIKE promotes cycling tourism through the support programming at EUROBIKE TRAVEL TALK. It’s a special track of presentations on the current state of cycling tourism as it’s been affected by the pandemic. What are the challenges and opportunities to emerge? The main topic circles around pandemic-related travel restrictions, which has prompted people to go on so-called ‘micro adventures’. Cycling comes as a welcome alternative for a lot of people given the issues surrounding hygiene rules and occupancy. Taking a bike trip is quite healthier and a lot safer in comparison.