7 Different Ways SIAL Paris Can Benefit Your Business

21 Oct 2021

SIAL Paris is one of the fundamental trade shows for the agri-food industry with half a century in past editions going back to International Food Week in 1964. The biannual trade show has quickly turned into a massive platform for purchasing and also a resource for future technology and next-generation innovations.

SIAL has been so successful that it’s managed to establish satellite events in China, Canada, the Middle East and India. Part of the reason for this success is the fact you have 21 exhibition sectors that encompass every related product group. Exhibitors display the latest and best in canned goods, confectionery, milk, fruit juices, spices, spirits, vegetables, meat products, food supplements and frozen foods as well as processing equipment and production equipment. From the moment food is grown to the moment a finished product is delivered, you see it all at SIAL.

Attendance is more than satisfactory. Last edition saw the products, machinery and services of 7200 exhibitors, which in turn attracted 310,000 trade visitors from nearly 200 countries. You have the entirety of Europe covered with France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Finland and Sweden as examples. Of course, there’s also popularity with East Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The majority of both visitors and exhibitors are foreigners.

One way to experience the entirety of the global agri-food market is to look into the SIAL THINK TANK – a resource created for visitors and exhibitors. The THINK TANK is the collaboration between experts, scientists and decision makers all over the world. All the players involved in this endeavor are already members of the SIAL Network and contribute their unique perspective. You have thorough representation in global markets and the focus is on subjects like healthy food, food service, private labels, food tech and retail.

Build on top of this knowledge by attending the many lectures at SIAL Talks. This has developed to be the beating heart of the trade show, because it unites so many specialists and leaders in the food market to dissect the most important challenges facing the industry as a whole and suggest a variety of strategies to overcome them. SIAL Talks is essential viewing wherever you may be on the value chain.

The 2020 edition saw major discussions happening around adaptability to climate issues, the place of women in the food industry and new food distribution formats and processes. In attendance were sociologists, scientists, specialists and industry players, which only gave depth to the talks and multiple perspectives.

Encounter the future of food and beverage at SIAL Innovation. This is one of the show’s biggest highlights as it shines the spotlight on new businesses and fresh perspectives. If you’re trying to breathe new life into your niche, then SIAL Innovation is where you can position yourself for the largest impact you can have. Of course, there’s a lot of conversations and networking happening. The event is done in collaboration with Protéines XTC. Be on the frontline of innovation and win big just like companies like Les Twists, Prêt à Pousser, Sabarot and Hari&co – all of which have won a medal at SIAL Innovation.

Newcomers to the industry are also encouraged to participate at SIAL Start-up. The Village is a special area cornered for French and international start-ups to showcase their products and what they’re bringing to the table. There’s been a pressure to develop a business model that doesn’t harm the environment and generates products that are healthier. Start-ups cover the processing chain from start to finish. The end goal? Develop a circular economy with zero waste.

As you can see SIAL Paris is the perfect marketplace to meet with existing clients and cast your net wide so that you can break into international markets.