6 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

30 Aug 2019

It’s no secret that people tend to let their self-control go completely when on a business trip. Time zone changes along with keeping an irregular schedule and long working hours without options in terms of restaurants make it difficult to pay attention to what you eat. Many business travellers are prone to adopting the adage ‘eat what’s available and leave it at that.’ However, we firmly believe that your performance at trade fairs and expos is firmly linked to the fuel you put into your body. Carelessness on business trips can lead to bloating and indigestion in its mildest and most harmless form to serious food poisoning. All the more reason to reevaluate every food choice during travel.

It is possible to become well-rested, alert and energized when travelling. All you have to do is then to follow our six eating tips.

Hydration Is First & Most Important

It’s easy to disregard water as nutrition and many business travellers forget all about drinking the proper amount of water. Tea, coffee, smoothies, soft drinks and juices may make you believe that you’ve hydrated enough, but that’s false. There’s no better substitute for water. Water helps flush waste materials and is the fuel for many of the cell processes in the body. Not to mention that most of the times when you feel really hungry, you’re actually just thirsty. Keep your appetite in check and snacking to a minimum by carrying a small bottle of water.

Seek out Organic, Healthy Snack & Prepack

You’re going to spend a lot of hours on your feet at a trade show. Not to mention that you’re going to exhaust energy talking to so many people. Snacking is unavoidable. You simply need to refuel, but you can be smart about what you put in your body. The event’s venue is probably not going to sell the healthiest snack food, so be sure to buy great snacks like organic fruit bars and nuts before the day starts.

Portion Control at the Restaurant

Restaurant food does not involve pizza, French fries, large portions of pasta or hamburgers with all the toppings you can imagine. Restaurant portions can be too generous and you might go for a fatty, recognizable dish at your hotel’s restaurant to be on the safe side, but that’s a sure-fire way to overload your body. Find out the lighter options on the menu and keep your last meal of the day easy to digest. The smartest route would be to research eateries and food spots that offer a lighter, healthier and more organic fare.

When in Doubt, Choose Protein

The human body absorbs foods at different rates. Carbs are the fastest to digest, which leaves you feeling hungry soon after a meal and it’s easy to consume a lot without noticing. For the satisfying feeling of fullness, you should load up on protein (lunch is the best time to do this) so that you’re satiated until the end of the day while keeping calorie intake within reasonable brackets. Though this does not mean to lean on meat entirely, because meat can also take a lot out of your digestive system when taken in large quantities. Keep your sources of protein diverse.

For Regular Digestion Choose Whole Grains

Everyone who aspires to eat clean will recount all the many health benefits of whole grains. They are truly beneficial to keep your bowel movements regular on the road and not overwhelm your digestive system, which can easily happen if you mismanage your diet. If you’re going to consume bread, make sure it’s whole grains. Quinoa and oats are also preferable. Another reason to turn to whole grains is the fact that they also make you feel fuller for a lot longer.

Keep a Close Watch to Sugar

It’s not going to be a revelation to say that sugar is bad for you. There have been countless articles and research done on the subject. You’re better off without sugars because even though they give you a momentary burst of energy, there’s a swift come down and you can’t afford to be tired during the trade show. What we recommend is you switch to organic sources of sugar – fructose! Have a ripe piece of fruit, which gives you the full satisfaction of having something sweet in the first place with the added bonus of loading your body with vitamins and minerals.