6 Things That Make the European Coatings Show Invaluable to Exhibitors

16 Jun 2022

If you’re in the coatings industry, then the most effective way to position your products to a wide audience and establish a solid presence in international markets is the European Coatings Show. This international trade fair is the most important meeting point in the world and a B2B platform without any competition in the world. So what makes ECS truly special?

Let’s talk about what’s on display at the European Coatings Show. Buyers prefer the trade fair, because they can make all their purchases in one place. The exhibition hall houses every related group of products. Discover the full breadth of Intermediates for Construction Chemicals, Printing Ink Raw Materials, Adhesives Raw Materials, Coatings Raw Materials, Testing and Measuring Equipment, Application, Laboratory and Production Equipment, Environmental Protection & Safety at Work.

As a one-stop procurement platform, the European Coatings Show commands a high volume of visitors. We’re talking about over 30,000 people. Because let’s face it. Every single area of industry has a need for paints and varnishes. It’s why exhibitors make killer sales numbers from the get-go. You meet managers and C-level executives from the automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, electrical industry, processing industry, industrial machinery, construction, furniture industry, printing, oil, gas and petrochemicals industry, wind power, renewable energies, plastics and packaging industry.

Of course we also have to address the level of internationality. The European Coatings Show opens the door wide open to Europe at large. Most exhibitors are based in the European Union (think the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland, France, Italy and Spain) and you notice a similar representation in the audience. Still, the ECS slowly but surely expands its area of influence to countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa and North America. Overall, 109 countries have representation at the trade fair.

As an information platform, the European Coatings Show excels in sharing knowledge from the absolute best names in the industry as a whole. The ECS Conference takes up a large chunk of the trade fair and rallies a lively international community around its programming items. You’ll hear from experts at the top of their game as they discuss practical advice, research and market trends across multiple sectors. The conference even comes with its own recap. Organisers have created 10 pre-conference tutorials that help you catch up with where the industry has been for the duration of the pandemic. It’s all about discovering, learning, sharing and expanding your horizons.

We have touched upon the roster of exhibitors. What separates the European Coatings Show from others is the calibre of exhibitors. Without respected companies to rent exhibition booths, there would be no trade show in the first place. At a typical edition you will encounter the booths of TOR MINERALS, Belami Fine Chemical, STS Bespoke Hangling Equipment, Bojun New Materials, Czech Trade Promotion Agency, ADEKA Europe and SAS Mader Composites.

Big companies are what draw in the big crowds and help small businesses get their foot in the door by boosting their visibility. As with most events of its nature, new innovations and the next generation of companies receive special treatment. The Start-up Area pools together young companies that have been on the market for under five years and are doing something altogether new and fresh. The Start-up Area appeals to investors and buyers who actively research products and technology. German-based companies receive an additional boost as they can sign up for the “Innovation made in Germany” joint stand, which is run by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

What’s there not to love? You stay up to date with cutting-edge advancements. Have access to the entire value chain. Meet with qualified buyers. You have no reason not to attend. See how GETA ltd can help you plan your business trip and book the most affordable hotel rooms.