29 Apr 2016

Paris might be considered a cultural and tourist destination, appreciated for its museums and galleries as well as serving as a symbol for love and romance, but this metropolis bustles and hosts some of the most influential industry events in the world. We’re here to not only open your eyes to the possibilities but also open your mind to the potential your business has to grow and expand in the international market.

Right now, we’ve selected only five upcoming events in the following year to showcase you the diversity of events. If you’ve found one that catches your eye, we can help you organize your business trip from scratch in a matter of hours. If you’re not active in the industries we have represented below, please drop us a line and we’ll be sure to find you an event that is a good fit for you.

Now, let’s begin the countdown! As always, we’ll provide some professional tips on how to plan your business strip.

Hah! You thought Paris has only time for fashion and design. EUROSATORY 2016 proves you wrong and this exhibition preoccupies itself with the latest achievements regarding land and air-land defence. You have not only the most influential contractors, manufacturers and engineers on site, but also a really informative program on new advancements and changing legislation.

PRO TIP: There’s no reason to spend money just because you have them. Be on the lookout for hotel deals and discounts. The earlier you start planning your business trip, the easier it will be to find great accommodation at the fraction of its price weeks before the event itself.

Of course, Paris is known for dictating taste and MAISON & OBJET 2016 takes the charge when it comes to interior design in all its iterations. You’ll find furniture, tableware and even children’s products available from quality companies from all over the world. Want to make direct sales and expand your client base? This is the place!

PRO TIP: Consider the currency. If you’re based in a European country using the Euro, this doesn’t really concern you. For everyone else, take notes on the exchange rate and look into what everything costs from accommodation to food and transport costs so you can budget accordingly.

Another exhibition dedicated to fine, valuable objects, BIJORHCA PARIS 2016 serves as meeting grounds for the jewellery and watches companies. Direct sales, reputation building and professional networking are the key advantages to visiting, not to mention staying in tune with the changing tastes and aesthetics.

PRO TIP: Yes, we advise you to have a strict budget for everything from leisure time, which will be little but drinks in a bar in Paris are not be dismissed, to food allowance, but at the same time be prepared for unexpected events. Emergencies rarely happen, it’s true, but it’s also true that having a backup plan will make your travels all the more enjoyable.

Paris has become synonymous with eyewear and SILMO PARIS 2016 serves as a platform for everyone from designers and big fashion houses to opticians are meeting to compare notes and chat. At the same time, you’re a witness to stellar designs and brand new services for the sector. It’s a must for any company looking to establish itself internationally.

PRO TIP: Know your city before you arrive. If you don’t speak French, some prep work will save your life when you’re there and need to make decisions about transport in a hurry. Look up how to get from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the exhibition grounds in the fastest and cheapest way before you arrive. Trust us! It will make all the difference.

SIAL 2016
Fine food is another association people have with Paris and SIAL 2016 lives up to everyone’s expectations as the exhibition tackled the changing landscape in the food industry. At the same time, all guests are privy to some of the most exciting culinary events complete with tasting to keep you salivating for days.

Are you ready to travel? Allow us to find you the best hotels for your travel dates! We know all the good deals and Paris feels like home to us, so you’ll be in safe hands. All you have to do is send us a price range and the number of people travelling. The rest is our job and you can expect a speedy delivery of a customized list of offers that match your needs perfectly.