27 May 2016

Barcelona has been a tourist haven for ages given its sunny predisposition and love of life in the natives that make this historic metropolis seen as the perfect vacation destination. But that is far from the whole story. Barcelona has always been a bustling commercial centre with a vibrant business culture of hosting industry events from groundbreaking conferences to trade fairs and exhibitions with international heft. We’re here to show you can see the sights and help your company grow.

You might think it’s pointless to travel because information is readily available online and you can breach new markets without leaving your office, but that’s far from the truth. The strongest connections with clients and partners are made in person and only exposing yourself to as many people as possible can you luck into a great break.

Go Fair ltd seeks out to make your initial steps into business travelling fun, peaceful, productive and affordable. Below you’ll find a list with five events to get you started!

P-MEC 2016
Learn the newest advancements in the pharmaceutical machinery, technology and equipment sector by attending P-MEC 2016 as part of the CPHI WORLDWIDE 2016 program. When it comes to staying informed, building a brand recognition and seeking new partners, nothing in the industry can hold a candle to this event. So come to visit between October 4th and October 6th in Barcelona!

PRO TIP: It’s done! You’ve decided to represent your company in the greater conversation in your industry. If you’re not sure where to start, allow us to guide you through the process. When it comes to plane tickets and hotel accommodation, the earlier you start researching prices, the easier it will be to find early booking discounts and higher availability.

INNOPACK 2016 serves as an extension to CPHI WORLDWIDE 2016 taking place between October 4th and October 6th and specializes in the advancement in pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems. The main focus is on technological innovation and the efficient use of materials and resources. It’s the perfect opportunity to generate new leads and research your competitors.

PRO TIP: Strengthen your budget by knowing the currency you’re using. For guests not familiar with the Euro, we recommend you follow the exchange rate and make all purchases on days when the exchange rate is most favourable for you to minimize expenses. If you use the Euro, then research prices for commodities.

Flying under the CPHI WORLDWIDE 2016, ICSE WORLDWIDE 2016 serves as a special addition for the pharmaceutical industry where you meet with outsourcing solution providers and have the opportunity to see the latest in contract manufacturing and services. The focus of the event allows you immediate growth and education between October 4th and October 6th.

PRO TIP: If you’ve followed our advice about starting early with all preparations, then you will have noticed there are more rooms available closer to the exhibition centre. Be sure to get accommodation that places you the shortest distance from the event. This way you’ll have a bit more time in the morning to sleep in, have breakfast and still get there in no time.

Barcelona sees one of the most influential events for the pharmaceutical industry on a global level. CPHI WORLDWIDE 2016 spans the period October 4th and October 6th and brings you not just the most recent innovations and breakthroughs in the entire industry value chain, but offers you a truly unique opportunity to learn through the free seminar and insight tours, grow and network with peers.

Scheduled in early 2017, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2017 explores digital solutions and innovations in the personal electronics sector. If you want to remain on the cutting edge, we’d recommend you head to Barcelona between February 27th and March 2nd to peruse the digital advancements provided by over 200 companies. Among the thousands attending, you can find future partners, not to mention the market research opportunities.

PRO TIP: Sometimes though, your competition is faster and there are no hotels conveniently placed for you to walk from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize your commute. What we recommend is to research hotel options near bus and underground stations with links to the exhibition. This way you’re guaranteed an uncomplicated trip to the event!

Hope we’ve convinced you to travel a little and widen your reach. This is just a snapshot of the busy calendar year in Barcelona. If you don’t see your industry represented, be sure to call us and we’ll be more than happy to find you an exhibition, conference or trade show suited to your business needs. After, we’ll help you organize your business trip in great detail!