15 Apr 2016

As the new year progresses, more and more events make their way to cities all over the world and we’d like to bring your attention to one of the most coveted business destinations around the globe – Dubai!

The Middle East has been establishing itself as a significant market more and more brands and companies seek to approach. You’ll find an exhibition, a trade fair or a conference on everything from solar energy to environmental technology, fashion to electronics, interior design to the pharmacy.

If you’ve never considered the option for your line of work, we’d like to change your mind and present you with the 5 top events we consider significant, along with some tips on how to make your business trip all the more memorable.

Thrills and high-speed exuberance is available at this premier show for the automobile sector where you have over 2000 exhibitors competing for attention among numerous categories of products. It’s an impressive stage to launch new products and enter some of the most desired markets in the world as well as a chance to keep up to date with the newest trends.

PRO TIP: As a general rule, whenever you search for accommodation for an industry event, be sure to look for the hotels closest to the event. There are two reasons to pursue this route – 1) you save time on your commute, which means sleeping in and having a relaxed breakfast, and 2) others will have the same idea and you’ll have better networking opportunities.

Let’s switch gears with this exhibition that celebrates the beauty and represents the latest and greatest innovations and advancements in the beauty industry from hair and fragrance to machinery and packing. The audience is set to exceed 30,000 trade visitors – great numbers for a company looking to widen its commercial appeal.

PRO TIP: Every rule has an exception! Never forget that. As it happens, you can’t always have what you want and if you find yourself without options close to the event, don’t be afraid to choose one in a residential area or the outskirts. ONLY, if you’re close to a bus, tram or underground line that takes you to the event fast. This strategy saves you money!

Style, design and immaculate taste are celebrated at INDEX DUBAI 2016 – a place where buyers and sellers meet to close the biggest sales for the year, the hottest new trends are discovered and brand new products are launched to a receptive audience. Whether you seek to establish business contacts or wish to penetrate the Dubai market, this is the event to do so!

PRO TIP: For Dubai, you need to start early with preparations as this city is expensive in general and the earlier you book, the lower the fees are. This is doubly important for those businesses who’re just starting to travel for industry events and have smaller budgets. The smaller the budget, the smaller the risk!

With over 80,000 trade visitors in attendance last iteration, it’s no wonder this show is called big. You won’t find a better platform to find your footing in the Middle East than here and in your time, you’ll see the most elite representatives of the construction industry making an appearance and only the most cutting-edge technology presented!

PRO TIP: Yes, your business trip is the main thing you need to consider, especially when you’re travelling to a place like Dubai. After all, you don’t want to go over budget. But! – you’re also in Dubai. Plan some free time and affordable means to give your employees the opportunity to blow some steam off and really feel like they’re here! What’s good for morale is always good for business.

Let’s finish with another crucial event for the region. IPM DUBAI 2016 serves an important role as a leading exhibition for the horticulture in the Gulf region, where companies have the best conditions to conduct meetings, close deals and discuss potential partnerships. Your reputation will certainly grow if you’re seen in the presence of celebrated industry giants.

Dubai never sleeps. It only grows and evolves and finds something new to host. This is the situation with exhibitions and trade shows. There are plenty more events across multiple industries and sectors we couldn’t feature, but we have them on our website. If you want to visit Dubai on business, give us a call and we’ll help you land the best deals on the subject!