4 Big Reasons to Convince You to Book a Fair Stand at Transport Logistic

25 May 2021

The business has been booming for the logistics industry now more than ever since COVID-19 arrived and impacted how we consume. With reliance on deliveries and orders without the involvement of other people in the equation, the transportation and logistics industry had to adapt quickly and respond to the demands and challenges. The best platform to not only learn what’s facing the whole sector but also conduct business is transport logistics.

In operation since 1978, this international trade fair has been the go-to guide for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. It’s been so influential at crucial points in the industry’s history that it’s now established as a global leader. What does this look like in numbers? Last edition had a pull of more than 64,000 trade visitors, who traveled from every active market in the world to see the innovations and solutions proposed by 2300 exhibitors. For exhibitors, this ratio means solid foot traffic by their booth. It also helps that the audience consists mainly of targeted prospects, who are invested in purchasing.

It's not an exaggeration to say that transport logistics gives visitors an in-depth overview of the full value chain. The 10 exhibition halls are divided into four main exhibition areas. These would be equipment for freight transport; telematics, e-business and telecommunications; services, freight transport, and logistics; intralogistics, warehouse management systems, auto-ID and packaging.

It is every possible thing you might ever want to experience and why buyers target the trade fair. They are more than able to purchase everything they need to outfit their business. You’re also in a perfect place to take a deeper look into technological advancements and cutting-edge products. A lot of visitors come in order to discover new releases and product launches help to get the job done. The atmosphere is charged to say the least.

You definitely want to book a stand based on the type of professionals that make their way to the exhibition center in Munich. Trade visitors come from all levels in the corporate hierarchy. There are department heads, managing directors, board members, division heads, independent entrepreneurs and all manner of skilled workers and servants. What’s even better is that the number of international trade visitors has been on a steady increase. This means one thing – you’re better able to expand your reach.

Another way industry players and decision-makers can experience the offerings at the trade fair is through the abundance of German-based and international stands. You can experience products and services from hubs such as Bavaria, Hesse and Lower Saxony. The international stands give you entry points to major European markets. You have stood for Belgium, Estonia, France, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Greece, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Czech Republic and International Tank Container Organization.

The presence of international stands assists exhibitors and visitors in establishing connections and new partnerships across borders. If you’ve been interested in seeing what the Greek market has in terms of solutions, then heading to the national stand is the best strategy.

Last but not least, transport logistics puts together an incredible support program. The international trade fair is a magnet for trainees and students, who are encouraged to network and get their start in the industry. Their introduction is handled at the IntelligenceHuntCup at transport logistic, which sees teams of international students take on real case assignments from companies and they have to battle it out for glory and some nice prizes.

The conference program is also unparalleled. In the upcoming online edition, you’ll be able to learn things like the three megatrends that have emerged in a post-COVID world and how transport operators can benefit from the new status quo. Other items will touch on the mobility of the future, logistics by rail, cybersecurity for supply chains.

As you can see, transport logistics pairs high-profile conferences with top buyers across all the big markets around the world. You have no reason NOT to get yourself a fair booth!