29th edition of Eurobike — a resounding success

9 Sep 2021

The 29th edition of Eurobike was a resounding success. This is positive news, especially after the 28th edition had to take place in digital format. The edition was successful due to many factors. Among them were the high level of in-person attendees and the new event additions.

Eurobike’s 29th edition featured new event additions and event changes. The Holiday on Bike special zone was among the areas featuring an event change. The zone took place for 2 days rather than the usual 1 day. This provided national and international exhibitors with more exhibition time. It also provided attendees with more time to examine the exhibited wares. This included bike regions, hotels, and travel programs.

Another event change occurred during the 2 Festival Days. This included the addition of the Drop and Roll Show. The Show featured spectacular bike acrobatics within 4 action-packed shows. The Show included trail stars Danny MacAskill, John Langlois and Duncan Shaw. Another new addition was the BMX Show Contest “Lord of the Lake”. The contest showcased the talents of top international BMX riders via 30-minute displays. The event's evening highlight was the Best Trick Contest. During the Best Trick, BMX bikers battled it out. There was also a third new addition — the BMX Flatland Shows. During the Shows, leading riders from the deep BMX Crew demonstrated what one can do with a BMX on flat surfaces. Among them was the 2019 urban cycling Champion Dominik Nekolny.

There was also a new special zone within the Road bike & Performance Area — the E-cycling Area. At the Area, attendees could examine the topic of e-cycling. This included international routes by taking part in virtual world excursions. Attendants could furthermore compete against e-sports enthusiasts and professionals. Connoisseurs could learn about the latest developments and trends at the zone. Visitors could also learn about practical solutions for successful e-cycling training sessions. Attendees could additionally learn about the differences between the various e-cycling systems. The zone furthermore provided an opportunity to gain insights into the latest software.

Eurobike’s program also contributed to the fair’s success. For example, attendees reserved all attendance seats for the Bike Biz Conference. The conference included discussions of the acute problems of the industry's supply chain. The Start-up Area of the fair had full bookings as well. The Eurobike Award also became a leading highlight. The nominations consisted of a total of 246 products. Thirty-six of these submissions received an award, with 7 of them being Gold. Six start-up companies received the Award. The Demo Area with its 1000 test products was another example of the success of the fair. One in five visitors visited the test course to try out next season’s models.

The high level of attendance exceeded the expectations of the event organisers. This applied the most for the number of in-person attendees. This showed the importance of face-to-face meetings and testing products on site. A total of 18,770 trade visitors, 13,424 bike fans and 630 exhibitors visited the 2021 edition of Eurobike. The 29th edition featured attendants from 68 countries. Among them are countries from Eastern and Southern Europe, Asia, and Northern America. The next edition of Eurobike will take place between the 13th and 17th of July 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. The city will be the new permanent location of the trade fair.