14 Things on Your Agenda at INTERSCHUTZ

10 May 2021

INTERSCHUTZ creates a dynamic environment for exhibitors and visitors alike with its complete dedication to innovations and live demonstrations. It’s no wonder that this international trade show is a massive hit whenever it appears in Hannover, Germany as it attracts every big player in fire and rescue, civil protection, safety and security. Attendees plan their visits long in advance as the trade show is put together only once every five years.

So when it does appear on the event calendar, it’s the go-to place for manufacturers and buyers – it’s a rare opportunity to command this much attention in one place. Last edition was a triumph with products and solutions from over 1500 exhibitors and foot traffic that exceeded 150,000 trade visitors. Although the German market is well represented, half of all visitors are foreign nationals, which opens up new markets to exhibitors.

The massive exhibition space at Messe Hannover presents the entire value chain organized into 6 exhibition areas – Civil Protection, Fire Fighting, Communications & Control Center Solutions, Rescue Services, Protective Equipment and Fire Prevention. In between, they showcase everything from jump pads, ambulances, high-altitude rescue equipment, fall protection, extinguishing agents and fire engines to ladders, radiation measuring instruments, fire extinguishing systems and rescue vehicles.

It’s not just static displays, because INTERSCHUTZ values proof of quality. That’s why visitors are able to experience a range of live outdoor demonstrations at the Demonstration Site. You will see every possible scenario enacted live to the cheers and support from massive crowds, which are accommodated on bleachers. Firefighting, technical support services and rescue work are on the program.

If you’re starved for more adrenaline-fueled excitement, you can choose between several high-stakes competitions that take place during INTERSCHUTZ. Fitness, agility and athletic prowess are what’s needed to compete at the FireFit European Championships and extraordinary skills to win it. Competitors will have a chance to take on the obstacle course as individuals, in tandem or in teams in relay competitions.

Other major competitions include the High Angle Rescue Championships (for rescue scenarios on skyscrapers), Holmatro Rescue Challenge (objective is to rescue a trapped patient with only Holmatro rescue equipment) and of course the competitive awards for bravery and excellence in the line of duty, the Hans-Dietrich-Genscher and the St John Ambulance Junior Awards.

Each edition of INTERSCHUTZ is organized around a leading theme, which ties in together all the aspects of programming and events. The upcoming edition of the trade show, will be “Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connected for Protection and Rescue.” Special focus will be given on the areas, where innovations can be implemented.

INTERSCHUTZ is going to address the concerns and challenges of servicing densely populated urban environments in the face of escalating terrorism activities, natural and man-made disasters that require specific approaches. Connection and integration is another major source of inspiration for new data-driven technology. Naturally, this leads us to the third and final big theme: digitalization and transformation. With urban development and the rise of digitalization, there are new unique challenges faced by rescue services.

Come discover the next generation of products at Smart Public Safety Hub (networked systems and seamless data exchange). To help break down these trends, there’s the Forum Digitalization & Transformation as well as the Future Trends in Public Safety display. But these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to programming available to professionals. Other well-received side events include:

Civil Protection Symposium: This event is centered on disaster relief and the management of extreme weather conditions across borders.

Hygiene Sector Get-together: Health is an important factor in ensuring the best rescue services and infrastructure. This conference handles the subject of firefighter health hazards and what can be done to prevent them.

Summit Rescue Services & Civil Protection: A conference aimed at medical rescuers and disaster managers.

Forum Fire Prevention: What are the newest innovations in the fire prevention sector and how can they be effectively deployed?