10 Ways Your Exhibition Booth Can Dominate Any Event

8 Mar 2019

We have placed emphasis on how crucial hotel accommodation can be when attending a trade fair event, but that’s only one of the ingredients to make a successful business outing. Your trade show booth leads the charge to get your brand noticed at any event and it’s going directly into your travel expenses. You have to approach its design with care and calculate how much you’ll allocate from your business travel budget on presentation.

To this end, we have drafted a list with ten successful strategies that serve as a starting point for your designing from here on. One thing to remember is that you don’t need to fulfill every single one on this list. Too much can turn away visitors.

Figure out the layout

Before you commit to any design, you have to do your research. What we mean by this is figure out the layout of the exhibition hall where you’ll be present. You need to cover where within that space you’ll exhibit, so you know how to plan. A central location strikes as ideal, because you’ll have bigger footfall and can bank on this development. A corner location will require you to draw visitors through the design of the booth.

Research your position

Another extra step to take into consideration is to research your position in that area specifically. Who’s going to be your neighbors – that’s just as equally important. If it’s a direct competitor, then you’ve a tougher job standing out and will need to put in more effort fine-tuning your vision. And we do talk about a specific vision.

Concept - a unique theme

Where we start is the concept – a unique theme that condenses your message to a striking visual. This will tie every other design decision together and elevate the experience of your brand on the days of the show.

Choice in colors

Closely linked to themes is the choice in colors. Obviously, you need to select a complementary color palette that works with your logo and company colors all the while being eye-catching at the same time. Also always print out samples, because you don’t want colors that don’t pop out live as they do on the screen.

The images

Another key visual to select is the images as the old adage “a picture paints a thousand words” is still applicable. Depending on your theme and angle for this particular event, it can be either end consumers interacting with your product or just the product!


Your brand name should be visible to all near and far away. Typography finds itself overlooked as secondary, but if your font choice is illegible or the contrast between letters and the background colour is poor, then visitors will pass by you without registering you at all. Also, bigger letters are always better.

Design and shape

All these elements we’ve listed above have to come together in a way that’s irresistible. You need a design that experiments with shape. Remember – you’re not exhibiting at the country fair. Just a regular old rectangular booth leaves much to the imagination and blends into the scenery.


Take the last tip to its natural conclusion and figure out how to take up as much space as possible. Obviously, exhibition booths vary in sizes and you have to follow exact technical specifications to be eligible to exhibit. Within those specifications, find ways how to utilize the space best. Go high and bulk out, if you’re allowed to do so.

Choice in lighting

Another way to draw attention is through a choice in lighting. Use of colored lights in moderation creates instant notice especially, if the surrounding booths all utilize neutral white lights. But be careful. You don’t want a shady, dark booth. Nor do you wish to blind your visitors.


If you do have the budget and want to go all out, nothing wins the hearts of visitors be they industry professionals or members of the general public is new technology. Screens and exciting videos are the current bread and butter, but don’t stop there. Bank on new movements like AR to draw in more people. Better yet have people interact directly with your products.

It’s easy to let yourself be overwhelmed by all these choices and think they’ll cost a small fortune, but that’s not always the case. Smart decisions lead to a high impact and we’re more than willing and able to assist you in pursuing a forward-thinking booth design.